Beer Game: Drinking UNO #1

Category: Card Games
Submitted By: Tara Sauls (

Beer Games Players sit around a table and play the actual game. Any time a "wild" card is played, it's a social drink. Any time you have to draw a card, you drink. For example, if someone lays down a "Draw Two" and you are the one who has to draw, you also take two sips of your beer. If you don't have a card to play and have to keep drawing,
you drink the number of cards you had to draw. When another player lays down a "Skip" or "Reverse" card and you are the one that misses a turn, you drink. When a player has one card left, he/she must say "UNO". If "UNO" is not said and another player notices, the person with one card must empty his/her beer and draw 5 cards.
At the end of the game, when one player is out of cards, all players with cards left in their hands must drink the number of cards they are holding.

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