Beer Game: Ibble Dibble

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Beer Games What you will need:

1 cork (at least), some matches or lighter, copious amounts of scullable liquids, numerous party animals (some of which have hilarious accents).


An IBBLE-DIBBLE is a player wanting to get drunk, A DIBBLE-IBBLE is a mark made on the player using a blackened cork.


Get everyone at least 1 drink. Give the people around the table a number, i.e. go clockwise and assign 1,2,3,4 etc. Char/mark one end of the cork by lighting it, letting it burn and blowing it out. Start the game.


Play begins and continues by the player who is called, naming himself ("number 3 ibble-dibble"), identifying how many marks he has ("with 6 dibble-ibbles"), then calling another player and identifying the number of marks they have ("calling number 7 ibble-dibble with no dibble-ibbles"). Any mistakes or pausing requires the player to scull and try again; they aren't allowed to count the marks or anything. The player who makes a mistake also gets a dibble-ibble put on him by one of the other players.

A game might go something like:

1 says: "This is number 1 ibble-dibble with no dibble-ibbles calling number 5
ibble-dibble with no dibble-ibbles".

5 says: "This is number 5 ibble-dibble with no dibble-ibbles calling number 6
ibble-dibble with no dibble-ibbles".

Everyone says "NO WAY you paused.." etc. and someone makes a mark on his face
(usually marks are spots on cheeks etc., but as the game progresses, people get eyes blacked out, groucho mustaches, horns, beards etc.).

5 has to scull, and pours another drink and says: "This is number 5 ibble- dibble with 1 dibble-ibble calling number 7 ibble-dibble with no dibble-ibbles".

7 says: "This is number 7 ibble-dibble with no dibble-ibbles calling number 5
ibble-dibble with NO, OOPS ONE AAAH SH*T" gets a mark, has to scull, and game

Finishing The Game:

You finish once you get really pissed and want to go out and party. Then you go out without washing the marks off (or alternatively use a toxic marker or something) and everyone at the clubs you go to wonders what stupid disease these idiots who just walked in have.

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