Jun 14, 2021

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Belgian beer
Belgian breweries and beers

The styles
Tutored tour
No other country (even those with far more breweries) has among its native styles of beer such diversity, individuality, idiosyncrasy and color as Belgium. Michael Jackson provides a tour:
- Lambic Family
- White Beers
- Brown Beers
- Red Beers
- British-style Ales     
- Amber Belgian Ales     
- Saisons
- Trappist Beers
- Abbey Beers
- Golden Ales
- Local Specialties
- Golden Lagers
- Luxembourg

The beers
Consorting with the devil
When he is asked about his favorite beers, Michael Jackson writes that one of the brews that always comes to mind is Duvel. He explains why, and in another story details how a Scot's yeast is behind the classic beer.

Tasting notes
- Michael Jackson tastes several Belgian ales: De Koninck Antoon Blond, Grottenbier Bruin, Petrus Winterbier, Grimbergen Cuvée Speciale, Corsendonk Christmas Ale and still more.
- Jackson's notes on more beers and the breweries that make them:
     - Cristal Alken
     - Wittekerke
     - Malheur
     - Grimbergen Double
     - Poperings Hommel Bier
- Stephen Beaumount gives Westmalle Tripel a thumbs up.
- Beaumont tries a 17-year-old Stille Nacht with "a mix of spicy and leathery notes that was simply awe-inspiring."

How to you say that?
The Belgian Beer Escort shows you how to "avoid the indignity of asking a bar tender for a 'goose' instead of a 'gueuze'!"

The breweries
The abbey habit
The only Belgian Trappists monastery not to brew beer joins the crowd. Michael Jackson visits Achel, which opened in 1854 and made beer until the Germans confiscated its brewing kettles during World War II. The story.

A saintly glass with the brothers of barley
Michael Jackson journeys to Rochefort's Trappist monastery, Notre Dame de Saint Remy. To beer-lovers, it is known simply as Rochefort. The story.

Tasting a new Lambic
Willem Van Herreweghen opens a new blending house -- mixing blends young and old versions of lambic to create the sparkling bottled version known as Gueuze and adding cherries to create Kriek. The story.

Inside Orval
Orval's renowned ale is the product of an authentic Trappist monastery deeply imbued with grace and antiquity, but this brewery has not wholly withstood the march of modernity. The story.

From A to Z
The Benelux Guide provides the most complete list of Belgian breweries. You'll find brewers classified with the name under which they are best known, as well as the beers they produce.

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