The Cat's Meow WWW page

Welcome Homebrewers to the Cat's Meow World Wide Web page. This document contains all the recipes from The Cat's Meow II. The latest edition of the recipe file can be obtained via ftp. I personally have had nothing to do with compiling the recipes, I simply converted the file to HTML format.

Here is the introduction and copyright notice from the original:


     This is the sequel to The Cat's Meow---it contains every recipe that was
     in the first volume (February 1991), plus almost every recipe posted  to
     the  Homebrew  Digest since the first volume. Yet it's smaller  in  disk
     space  and  in printed form, due to the omission  of  appendixes.

     In  this  edition  we decided to branch out a  little.   We  brought  in
     recipes from other public domain sources.  Namely, rec.crafts.brewing, a
     few  from  the  Cider Digest and even a few donated  recipes  that  came
     direct from the authors that have never been previously posted.

     Many  thanks to all of the fine folks on the homebrew digest and  others
     who  posted these recipes and who answered questions about them.  Thanks
     also to Ed Meeks for reviewing and proofreading the document.

     Insightful  comments,  well-reasoned criticisms,  and  thought-provoking
     observations are welcome. Send e-mail to:


     Or send snail-mail to:

                Mark Stevens, P.O. Box 405, Glenn Dale, MD 20769.
                   Karl Lutzen, Rt #6, Box 419, Rolla, MO 65401

     --Mark Stevens
     --Karl Lutzen

     Copyright 1992. The publication may be used freely in the spirit of  the
     Free Software Foundation's "copyleft" policy. The document may be repro-
     duced, stored in any system, and freely distributed through either elec-
     tronic  means or in paper form. It may not, however, be sold for  profit
     (modest fees to cover the expense of making a copy are tolerable).  This
     collection  is, of course, provided as-is with absolutely no  warranties
     of  any  kind whatsoever---Caveat Brewor (we don't  guarantee  that  the
     recipes  will  taste good, or even that they won't  make  you  violently