Yarpivo Beer

This 14-degree, 7.2 percent alcohol, Yarpivo beer is labeled "krepkoye" (firm) in Russian and "Strong" in English. No American ATF label laws to deny consumers a notice of what they're in for. Packaged in a half-liter clear bottle, this medium-bodied brew offers a mellow, malty flavor and slightly warming, alcoholic finish. Not bad! Fortunately, no skunkiness is apparent from the vulnerability to being light-struck through the clear glass. The label is un-notched with any day, month or year through 2002, but is stamped on the back with a date later than the purchase date.

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OAO Yarpivo Brewery
63 Pozharskogo St.
Yaroslavl, Russia 150030

Reviewed by Tom Ciccateri - September, 1999

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