Tuzlanski Pilsner

The common looking brown bottle of Tuzlanski pilsner from the Tuzlanska Pivara displays a colorful label and notches for day/month dating. My 0.5 liter sample was dated as the prior month. The 11.2 degree lager pours a dense gold color with a light but dense white head. A nice mouthfeel accompanies the medium body where the up-front flavor begins as a soft pale maltiness then evolves into an interestingly floral hoppiness. Not a sweet character but reminiscent of that found in a heather ale. The label states the recommended serving temperature. Not like traditional Czech or German pilsners, the hops used likely give this brew its unique but pleasing character.

Tuzlanska pivara
Titova 163
75000 Tuzla, Boznia Herzgeovina

Reviewed by Tom Ciccateri - July 2004

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