A new joint venture agreement between the Austrian brewery and the Gambrinus brewery in Texas will result in a start-up brewery in Berkeley, California where the beers from Trumer will be imported into the United States immediately and brewed here in the near future. The bottled Trumer Pils arrives in an 11.3 ounce green bottle with an English language label showing the importer as Trumer International of Berkeley, California. The bottles are freshness dated with a "Best Before" date and retailers in Kansas seem to have plenty of time to move the product to customers while fresh. This brew pours a bright gold color showing reasonable carbonation. Right from the start the impression is one of smoothness. A smooth mouthfeel, soft on the palate, a very mellow and delicate hop character matched to a pleasant pilsner malt flavor. Overall, a very drinkable session beer that you'll want to have more that one of. Statistics from the website: 4.9% alcohol by volume (abv), 11.5° starting gravity, and aged for six months. The hop additions includes German Hallertau Perle, Spalt Select and Czech Saaz. One very classy Pilsner.

Privatbrauerei Josef Sigl
Brauhausgasse 2
5162 Obertrum bei Salzburg / Austria
+43 - 6219 - 7411

Reviewed by Tom Ciccateri - October 2004

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