Rogue Beers

Rogue Label

The bottled Honey Cream Ale from Rogue starts with a light hoppy aroma. The medium-bodied brew offers a substantial, almost coarse, hop bitterness where the overall flavor is mellowed by a smooth pale malt character. No corn or rice adjuncts are obvious. Anywhere outside of the American Pacific Northwest, this would easily pass as an American Pale Ale. No freshness dates appear on the bottles. The bottled I²PA is a hazy straw color, where an estery character joins the introductory hoppy aroma. With a big mouthfeel, the hop-dominated flavor profile shows fruity notes and citrusy hop characteristics.

Oregon Brewing Company
748 SW Bay Blvd.
Newport, Oregon 97365

Reviewed by Tom Ciccateri - February 2001

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