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Redhook Brewery, fresh for a capital infusion from Anheuser Busch, has boosted its west coast production and set its sights on new east coast production out of Portsmith, New Hampshire. New to the market in the winter of '96 is the Redhook Hefe-weizen. When shaken, this yeasty beverage produces a cloudy gold color and creamy white head. The flavor is an interesting blend, pronounced hops and slightly tart but no clove or lactic character. Medium-bodied, nice mouth feel, and a crisp short finish makes this an American Wheat worth checking out solely for the experience. The Redhook Rye is advertised as "unfiltered" and as expected, was a hazy light gold color with a yeasty aroma, thick white head, well carbonated, medium bodied, with a hoppy balance and a clean, short finish. New for '96 was the Double Black Stout with its thick creamy tan head, light roasted coffee aroma, sharp coffee flavor, and overall full-bodied chocolaty character and minimal hops.

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Reviewed by Tom Ciccateri, March 1996.

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