Thomas Kemper Beers

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LLabeled a Bohemian Dunkel you might not know exactly what to expect from this Thomas Kemper lager. First pour from the 650ml bottle give an early clue, a thick creamy head. Next comes the intense sour-like aroma that succeeds in dominating the olfactory senses long before a drop of the hazy dark amber liquid reaches the mouth. Not unexpectedly, the flavor is also driven by a sourness but accompanied by some chocolate and caramel malts. Overall, the high carbonation level and creamy mouthfeel team up to make a refreshing dark wheat beer. Given the assertive flavor profile of the yeast strain used, it might take a bottle of two before your taste buds get comfortable with the flavors unleashed by this clean dark lager beer. Although not freshness dated, the label does disclose the content's 5.6% alcohol by volume (4.5% alcohol by weight ), as well as offer insight into the recipe that includes "flavorful chocolate malt and spicy Styrian hops".

Thomas Kemper Brewing Company (Hart Brewing)
22381 Foss Rd.
Poulsbo (& Seattle), Washington

Reviewed by Tom Ciccateri - August, 1996

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