Review of Sam Adams Beers


The Honey Porter has a non-malty sweet aroma with a dark ruby color, nice creamy head, even balance of dry malty flavor, medium body and a slightly sweet finish.

Test marketed in a few US cities in the beginning of 1998, the White Ale pushes the boundaries of style for this product line. Starting with a fine white head, the hazy gold color is matched with a pronounced Curaçao orange aroma. The spicy flavors lead with coriander where the dry, medium-bodied brew begins to mellow as a tart character melds with the effervescent mouthfeel to produce a memorable experience. When through, a fine gray sediment is in evidence at the bottom of the glass. This Boston Beer Company "Special Brew" is labeled as "American Ale brewed with spices in the classic Belgian Style." You should be the judge. You'll get your chance if the marketing department gives the go-ahead.

Boston Beer Company
30 Germania Street
Boston, Massachusetts 02130
Also Cincinnati, Ohio

Reviewed by Tom Ciccateri - August, 1996 & February, 1998

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