Pete's Seasonal Brews

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The Pete's Wicked Honey Wheat was a slightly cloudy, dark gold color, well-carbonated, with a unique, non-malty sweet aroma. The medium body was accompanied by a honey-sweet flavor and slightly dry, but not hoppy, finish. Now a summer regular, the Wicked Summer Brew was a clear gold color with a fine white head. No pronounced aroma but a creamy-mouth feel was matched with a light malty-sweet flavor and subtle hoppy/citrusy aftertaste. The Wicked Bohemian Pilsner was a clear medium gold color with a slight hoppy aroma and medium-bodied malty and hoppy flavor. Similar in flavor to the two previous recipes rather than those of a classic Pilsner. The Wicked MultiGrain was a clear copper color and said to be produced from a special blend of malted barley, wheat, oats and rye. Malty, but not sweet, the influence of the rye on the finish was very noticeable in the dry, crisp aftertaste. The Wicked Strawberry Blonde was visibly carbonated, golden, with a serious strawberry aroma. The flavor was dominated by the sweet and tart strawberry component. The colorful label had more complexity than the beer, but the medium-bodied brew offered an easy going, summer thirst-quenching formula with very non-traditional beer flavors. The fall seasonal offering was the Oktobrefest. Offering a very malty aroma, very clear dark amber color, and fine white head, the thin/medium body was accompanied by a creamy mouthfeel, very malty flavor, and dry malty aftertaste.

The labels on the brown screw-top bottles proclaim "Brewed and bottled by Pete's Brewing Company, St. Paul, Minnesota, but no reference is made to their contract brewer in that city, Minnesota Brewing. There was no consumer-readable freshness date code but you are encouraged to call 1-800-877-PETE for more information about Pete's Brewing Company and their products.

Pete's Brewing Company
514 High Street
Palo Alto, CA. 94310

Reviewed by Tom Ciccateri - July 1996 & Updated September 1996

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