Kennebunkport Brewing Company Beers

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Hand Brewed & Bottled, claims the label of the Moose Brown Ale from Kennebunkport Brewing in southern Maine. Clear amber in color, this medium-bodied brew offered a malty sweet flavor with a very subtle hop aftertaste. The Shipyard Export Ale was a clear gold color with a fine white head. A nice hoppy aroma with subtle esters started the sensory experience and the extremely hoppy flavor followed up on that initial impression. The 22 ounce bottles featured attractive "tall ship" graphics on the label as well as detailed directions to find the brewery off Interstate-95. Their Prelude Ale was labeled "Holiday Cheer" and that's exactly what it offered. Starting with a hazy dark amber color, aromas from the light head hinted of spice and malt. The medium body was accompanied by a very spicy and dry malty flavor that finished with a light alcoholic aftertaste.

Kennebunkport Brewing Company
Route 9 north of Route 35
Kennebunk and Portland, Maine 04043

Reviewed by Tom Ciccateri - July, 1996.

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