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Now with a brewery they can call their own, Mass Bay Brewing Company proudly displays their motto: "To Brew & To Serve". Located in an industrial part of Boston, Massachusetts not far from the World Trade Center, their brand is known as Harpoon Brewery. The Harpoon year round beers are the Ale, India Pale Ale, Pilsner, and the Light. Seasonals include the Stout (Spring), Alt (Summer), Octoberfest (Fall), and Winter Warmer (Winter).

The Harpoon Light had a very light body with a slightly hoppy flavor and clean finish. The Harpoon IPA had an appropriately hoppy flavor to accompany its medium body and hoppy aftertaste. The Harpoon Stout offered a creamy body along with a chocolately flavor and aftertaste. A surprise was the Harpoon Snakebite with its intense malty and alcoholic flavor and non-traditional, slightly alcoholic fruity aftertaste. According to the label: "..perfect marriage of Harpoon beer and fresh apple orchard fruitiness". Be forewarned, this is definitely a beer with a bite. The Harpoon Alt was a clear dark amber color, with a creamy head, dry malty flavor and hoppy finish. The 1997 Christmas beer is the Winter Warmer. Dark amber in color, it offers up a weak head but a powerful cinnamon aroma. the light body accompanies a thin mouthfeel along with a malty/spicy flavor where the malt is subdued and overpowered by nutmeg in the finish. An interesting flavor combo that grows on you.

Every Friday and Saturday at 1PM you may stop by the Tap Room for an hour long tour of the brewery. For large groups, you can arrange for a special tour as part of their Harpoon 5:30 Club. The mid-week tours last from 5:30 to 7PM, call extension 21 for arrangements. Harpoon events include St. Patrick's Day Party, Brewstock, Oktoberfest and a December Holiday Party.

Mass Bay Brewing Company
306 Northern Avenue
Boston, Massachusetts

Reviewed by Tom Ciccateri - July, 1996 & December, 1997

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