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Sold in green bottles, this 12-degree lager is labeled "Real russian beer is manufactured using original 1992 technology." Who can argue? Light gold in color, the aroma begins with a light hoppiness that is joined by a perfumy character. Coming in at 4.8 percent alcohol, the light body is accompanied by a creamy mouthfeel and an even flavor balance where a light maltiness is matched to a subtle hoppy flavor to produce a pleasant "light lager." The half-liter bottles are freshness dated, with some found being sold in the very month notched. The label proclaims "Original Russian Beer" and sports a UPC barcode.

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CAMKO Brewery
35 Libersona St.
Penza, Russia 440600
Tel. (8412)55-17-93

Reviewed by Tom Ciccateri - September, 1999

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