Okocim Label

 As more European beers find there way off of the continent, this new arrival to the Midwest in the U.S., Zagloba, is a pleasant surprise. A clear golden color with a rich hoppy aroma, the flavor comes across with great maltiness topped by smooth noble hops. This light-bodied brew is crisp and very refreshing. Although the English language label merely states "Premium Beer", at 5.7% Alcohol by Volume (ABV), this Polish newcomer seems to be a classic Pilsner-style beer that would give many Czech beers a run for their money. The bottled Porter is opaque and forms a slightly tan lace when poured. The dense mouthfeel accompanies the very sweet, molasses-like flavor. The non-malt, syrupy character creates the impression of a "heavy" beer, rather than one rich in dark malts. Other beers being produced in Poland for the domestic market are Jasne Pelne (Light Beer), OK Beer (Special Export), Zagloba, Jasne Mocne (Light Strong Beer), and Karmi (1.2% ABV).

 Most brewing these days takes place at Brzesko Brewery with some also at Kraków. Production at Jedrzejow has shifted to Chociwel. Production is growing from around 1,300 hectoliters (hl) per year.

UPDATE: The Okocim has since joined the Carlsberg group, with info online at www.okocim.com.pl/browary_okocim.html. Carlsberg Okosim SA, 02-690 Warszawa, ul. Bokserska 66., tel 22-455-17-00.

Reviewed by Tom Ciccateri - May 1999 & February 2002

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