New Glarus Beers

The bottled Hearty Hop is a clear amber, well carbonated, with a deep hoppy aroma and toasty, dry maltiness. The mellow, almost grassy, hop bitterness accompanies a medium body and a slightly sweet underlying maltiness that turns to a dry, lingering bitterness in the aftertaste. The Staghorn Oktoberfest is a deep amber with low carbonation and a surprisingly weak "medium" body. The full mouthfeel supports a dry malty character with a flavor balanced slightly toward the sweet side. The Spotted Cow farmhouse ale is a hazy straw color, well-carbonated, with a tangy mouthfeel and light body. The very pale malt flavor and overall even flavor balance can be attributed to the listed flaked barley and corn. The Snowshoe Ale is a dense amber color with a light hop aroma. A nutty/malty character joins the medium body and even flavor balance to provide a rich maltiness where some yeasty by-products peek through before the flavors end on a fruity, slightly semi-sour finish. The bottled Uff -da bock asserts that it is a bock brewed to appease the Gods of Winter. With a clear, dark brown color, tan head, full body and thick mouthfeel, it certainly appeases the thirst for a big beer. The clean malty flavor offers a slight sweetness with a near syrupy mouthfeel but nice clean finish.

New Glarus Brewing Company
Cty Trk W. & Hwy 69
New Glarus, Wisconsin 53574 USA

Reviewed by Tom Ciccateri - August 2001 & September 2002

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