New Belgium Beers


The bottled Frambozen is a hazy ruby color with a creamy mouthfeel, slightly sweet raspberry flavor but no overt Belgian yeast flavors. This one is clean, and likely to appeal to a broader audience than a kriek lambic from the mother country. The bottled Blue Paddel Pilsner appears a dense straw color with no visible head. An intense citrusy flavor joins the pale male malt flavors and the hop bitterness. Combined, the tangy/zesty character gives this medium-bodied brew a big mouthfeel and tart finish. A nice refreshing summertime elixir. With widespread distribution throughout the U.S., the New Belgium beers continue to win both popular and critical acclaim even as the brewery's production shoots skyward.

New Belgium Brewing
350 Linden Street
Ft. Collins, Colorado 80524

Reviewed by Tom Ciccateri - June 2001 & September 2002

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