Cervecería La Constancia


From its brewery in San Salvador Cervecería La Constancia produces its Pilsener brand. A bright gold in color, this light-bodied, well-carbonated brew offers a very dry flavor with a short dry aftertaste. Both malt and hops are very subdued. The canned version is labeled 4.6% alcohol by volume (abv) and is freshness dated on the bottom. A legal warning proscribes sales to minors with "Se prohibe su venta a menores de 18 años." Ingredients are listed as Water, Malt, Hops and Adjuncts. Availability now includes many flights of TACA Airlines, where they are complementary. Salúd.

Cervercería La Constancia
Avenida Independencia #526
San Salvador, El Salvador, Central America
tel: 503-271-0733
fax: 503-221-3225
email: info@LaConstancia.com
web: laconstancia.com

Reviewed by Tom Ciccateri - January, 2000

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