Chimay Beers

The 7% Chimay Trappist ales typically come in 75 CL (1pt 9.4oz) corked bottles. The Chimay Premium (Red Label) is a hazy dark amber with oaky-estery aromas and a full mouthfeel. The flavor boasts a mellow but rich maltiness with a woody character and a subtle alcoholic warming finish. The label clearly advises to serve lightly chilled in a wide-mouth glass. The 8% Cinq Cent (White Label) is a deep gold color with a spicy, coriander?, aroma. Full-bodied and well carbonated, its smooth mouthfeel is matched with a rich, dry malty character where mellow but complex yeast flavors blend together in a perfect synergy.

Bieres de Chimay S.A
Route Charlemagne, 8
6464 Baileux (Chimay)
tel. 32(0) - fax 32(0)

Reviewed by Tom Ciccateri - November 2001

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