A surprise find from a sleeping beer tiger was the pilsner-style Beer BGI from Tien Giang, Vietnam. The brown 33 cl (12 ounce) bottles come foil wrapped and are coded with an apparent "brewed on" date in the form of a three digit Julian data followed by the year and the "registered" symbol. The 4.5% alcohol by volume (abv) brew was a clear light gold color with a hop aroma, medium body and smooth hoppy flavor. The combination hops and carbonation produced a great mouthfeel and a crisp finish. Although probably not exported, this brewed-under-license beer has an all English language label along with a world-class taste as a light lager. The canned product comes in a 33 cl size with a "brew on" date and a "best by" date six months later stamped on the bottom of the aluminum can. The colorful label shows a red tiger above elements of barley and hops. Small logos show references to BGI's history that dates to 1875. "Quality & Tradition" from "the Famous Brand."

Tien Giang, Vietnam

Reviewed by Tom Ciccateri - May, 1995

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