Afanasy Beer


The "Svetla" or "light" from Afanasy comes in at 4.8 percent alcohol. Clear gold in color, the light-bodied brew offers an even flavor balance where the light pale malt flavor blends with the light hop bitterness to produce a mellow lager that is very clean yet finishes with pronounced hops. This 14-degree lager offers labels listing day, month and year for freshness dating purposes, but none are notched. The green bottle makes one wonder about the risk of off-flavors from being light struck. A cautious buyer would buy from "the dark side."

The "temnoya" or "dark" tips the alcohol scale at 5.2 percent and begins life as a 15.5-degree lager. From the stylish green bottle flows a clear reddish-amber brew that starts with a rich malty aroma. What follows is a malty flavor balance that yields a mellow amber lager beer.

[label (21k)] [label (21k)]

OAO Afanasy Brewery
95 Kominterna St.
Tver, Russia 170028
Tel. (0822)36-57-68
Fax (0822)36-29-03

Reviewed by Tom Ciccateri - September, 1999

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