British brewer adds warning

Cains first in UK to promote responsible drinking on label

Oct 10, 2003 - Cains Brewery in Liverpool will become the first in the UK to put a health warning label on its bottles when its 2008 Celebration Ale is shipped next month.


The label will read: "Alcohol advice: Robert Cain supports responsible drinking. Excessive drinking can cause harm. Observe the daily guidelines for sensible drinking. Do not drink and drive." It will also have a picture showing how many units of alcohol the bottle contains.

"We have been spearheading this message through our campaigns and welcome this groundbreaking initiative," said Jean Coussins, chief executive of one group that promotes sensible drinking.

Lesley King-Lewis from Action on Addiction added: "In several countries, such as the USA and Mexico, alcohol warning labels are obligatory, but research on the effectiveness of these warnings has had mixed results. However, it seems that the warnings do encourage more sensible consumption of alcohol in moderate drinkers."

In explaining the decision to add a warning to the label Cains Brewery boss Sudarghara Dusanj said "There's mounting pressure to tackle the issue of binge drinking in the UK. We think brewers have a responsibility to promote sensible drinking to their customers.

"We don't think that the heavy drinking culture which is causing health problems in the UK can be turned around overnight. ut it's important that the whole industry takes positive action instead of just talking about the issue."

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