You can't brew beer without water

And Pittsburgh Brewing's unpaid bills leave brewery's supply in doubt

Dec 11, 2002 - A court order assures that Pittsburgh Brewing Co.'s beers, including Iron City and I.C. Light, will be available until at least January.


The Pittsburgh Water and Sewer Authority had threated to shut off water to the brewery because of upaid bills. Attorneys for both sides are trying to resolve the $3.8 million billing dispute. A temporary injunction prevents the authority from taking action until next month.

"We will not cut off water. It was not our intention for employees to lose jobs. We want to look for a meaningful resolution," said Clifford Levine, the authority's attorney.

The brewery's 250 jobs aren't in jeopardy, owner Joseph Piccirilli said, and the brewery will pay its November and December bills, which was part of the order signed by Allegheny County Judge Robert Gallo.

The authority, citing unpaid bills during 1999 and 2001, had attempted to foreclose on the company Nov. 30. In July 2000, the authority had filed liens against the brewery for money it is owed. Levine said the brewery's unpaid bills, fines and administrative costs total $3.8 million. The brewery stopped making arrears payments in August when the authority threatened to foreclose on it.

Brewery attorney Robert Lampl said the brewery disputes the amount and the bill was more like "a couple million."

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