Feeling healthier?

Maybe you should thank your beer

Aug 16, 2001 - If drinking beer doesn't actually make you healthier, apparently it might make you feel happier about your health.


A study conducted by Autonoma University in Madrid found that moderate drinkers feel better about their health than non-drinkers. Previous studies have suggested that a daily glass of beer or wine helps people stay healthy.

The researchers used data from Spain's 1993 National Health Survey of 20,000 Spanish adults. ``The results showed that people who drank alcohol, including beer and spirits, were less likely to report ill health than people who abstained altogether,'' according to the report in the British-based Journal of Epidemiology and Community Health. ``And overall, the higher the consumption of total alcohol the lower levels of subjective ill health.''

Even the heaviest drinkers felt happy about their health regardless of the damage they may be doing to themselves. Of course, the researchers warned that their findings related only to self-perceptions about health.

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