Gatza chosen IBS director

AHA chief replaces Edgar, retains homebrew post

Feb 28, 2001 - Paul Gatza, current director of the American Homebrewers Association, will replace David Edgar as director of the Institute for Brewing Studies as well as retaining his job as AHA director.


Gatza's selection, as well as the decision to consolidate positions, was made recently after Edgar announced his resignation to pursue new opportunities.

"My vision for the Institute for Brewing Studies includes continuing to grow the industry for the benefit of our members and the building of strategic alliances within the industry," Gatza said.

Gatza, a graduate of Drexel University in Philadelphia, has a background in association leadership that includes 4 1/2 years as a regional canvass director and national trainer for Greenpeace, an international, non-profit environmental organization. He began his began his tenure as director of the American Homebrewers Association in June 1998.

In has also served on the staff of the Great American Beer Festival's Professional Panel Blind Tasting for eight years, including two years as judge director, and also serves as judge director for the World Beer Cup.

"Paul Gatza is a leader," said Robert Pease, vice president of the Association of Brewers. "From Greenpeace to the American Homebrewers Association he has shown he is innovative, responsive and accountable when it comes to running membership organizations."

"Paul has been an excellent director of our largest membership base, the American Homebrewers Association," said Charlie Papazian, president of the Association of Brewers concurs. "I'm confident that he will continue the development and improvements that David Edgar has managed for the past seven years. I'm sure the professional brewing industry as well as the homebrewers and beer enthusiasts will recognize that Paul brings passion and leadership to the consolidated director position."

The consolidation of the administrative functions of these two divisions will allow the Association of Brewers to streamline its membership service functions for both divisions. The former structure, which consisted of separate division directors and administrative assistants, will be replaced by a diamond-shaped structure with one director for both divisions, a membership coordinator for each division and one administrator working for both. Susan Smith, current Institute for Brewing Studies Administrator, has been promoted to the position of Membership Coordinator for the Institute for Brewing Studies; Gary Glass, current American Homebrewers Association Administrator has been promoted to the position of Membership Coordinator for the American Homebrewers Association. The Association is currently seeking a Membership Divisions Administrator.

"This restructuring allows the members of both divisions to benefit each other to a greater degree than the previous structure," Gatza said. "I anticipate the boards of each division (American Homebrewers Association and Institute for Brewing Studies) will be looking at joint memberships as well as new ideas for building healthier beer communities, with a greater integration of homebrew hobbyists and professional brewers."

Edgar joined the Association of Brewers in 1987. He began working in the Institute in 1990 and was promoted to director in 1994. "David is to be commended for his outstanding service and leadership," Pease comments. "He will be missed here at the Association and by breweries across the nation."

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