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RBPMail 2.08, August 1995

Real Beer Page Mail (RBPMail) began as a modest update to craft-brew events on the WWW. It evolved into a news digest and sometimes editorial forum. We present its contents here much as they were emailed to subscribers. Often, links you will see are out of date, and businesses referred to may also be long gone.

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Stock Offerings.

* Portland Brewing Company has just completed it's third common stock offering of 465,000 shares at $7 per share with a $700 minimum purchase. Former capitalizations have allowed the brewery to increase production capacity, build a new Brewhouse and Tap room and expand distribution. Perhaps the oldest investor at 99-years old, Collie Wheeler called the offering a "damn great long-term investment."

* Lang Creek Brewery in the Flathead Valley of northwestern Montana, a 900-barrel/year brewery plans to add bottling and increase production. 150,000 shares of common stock at $6.65 with a minimum purchase of 100 shares are available for residents of Montana and California; Washington and Oregon residents may also be able to purchase shares -- call to inquire at 406.858.2200.

* Red Hook Brewery's initial public offering of its stock was met with great enthusiasm as investors drove the stock's price from its initial price of $17 at the opening to a closing price of $27. Anheuser-Busch owns 25% of Red Hook Brewery, and many analysts believe that this may have contributed to the overwhelming interest in the stock offering. Source: CNN News

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* Proud to Have Their Own Bud
Anheuser-Busch has abandoned plans to buy Budvar, the small Czech brewery also using the name Budweiser. For 100 years both breweries have used the name Budweiser, but once Anheuser-Busch started marketing its Budweiser beer internationally, A-B has aggressively tried to buy Budvar and the trademarked Czech Budweiser. Many people were concerned that Anheuser- Busch would compromise the quality of what beer experts believe is one of the finest lagers brewed in the world. Anheuser-Busch's efforts were thwarted by local Czech officials, the Czech government, and the Budvar brewery by entering into an agreement to keep the brewery under government control. Source: Southern Draft Brew News

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* Sharks, Slopes and Beer Tied Together
Redwood Coast Brewing company distributes award-winning craft-brews everywhere from the San Jose Sharks hockey games to the Ski Lodges surrounding Lake Tahoe. The beers are brewed at the Tied House, with brewpubs in San Jose, Alameda and Mountain View, CA. To try a bit of this well-traveled brew, check our What's New section during the next week to see the announcement of their new WWW pages:

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* Virtual Beer a Reality
It had to happen: a brewery opening in cyberspace before opening in real space. Our newest brewery on-line is also our first East Coast participant: Flying Fish Brewing Company. This Web site is kind of different -- think of it as "This Old House" meets the World Wide Web -- because it will be a week by week chronicle of the birth of a new microbrewery.

The idea is to take you behind the taps to see the thousands of details needed to put a microbrewery together. The site also gives you a chance to roll up your cyber-sleeves and help out by suggesting beer names, designing labels, and even apply for a brewer's position.

And if you're toying with the idea of starting a brewery, here's a chance to pick up some real-world experiences because the site contains an ever-expanding archive of the many issues facing people in the craft-brewing industry. If you've ever considered opening a microbrewery, check this site out to see what it would actually be like:

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* Portland Brewing Company Joins the WWW The company that brought you MacTarnahan's Scottish Ale, Oregon Honey Beer, Portland Ale and many others, now serves them to you on the WWW. Learn about the real-life Mac MacTarnahan, Chairman Ale-meritus, the secret of honey beer, the brew process, and a brewhouse with a legacy dating back to the 1500s.

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Conference Calls
* Northwest Craft-Brewer's conference and Exhibition, presented by Brewing Techniques magazine focused on highly technical aspects of brewing and offered two conference treks: Malting and Hopping. The conference attracted brewers from all across the U.S. Publisher Stephen Mallory hinted that this would become an annual event. For advanced brewing techniques and processes, look for Brewing Techniques to make back issues available on the WWW soon.

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* Planet Beer Results: The 17th annual American Homebrewers Association National Homebrewers Conference, Planet Beer, was the largest ever. More than 700 homebrewers and beer enthusiasts attended the Conference at the Radisson Plaza Lord Baltimore Hotel in Baltimore, MD. Rhett Rebold of Burke, VA. was named the 1995 Homebrewer of the Year for his Munich Helles and was awarded the prestigious Ninkasi award for accumulating the most points from all categories. The Sonoma Beerocrats of Sonoma, CA earned the Homebrew Club of the Year title. The 1996 AHA Conference will be held in New Orleans, LA, June 4 through 8, at the Clarion Hotel.

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* The Business of Beer conference, hosted by The Celebrator Beer News, delivered on it's name by presenting speakers, panelists, and exhibitors addressing the business side of operating a craft or pub brewery.

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* Upcoming Festivals - Look for the Real Beer Page at the Great American Beer Festival in Denver and Beer Camp at Oldenburg Brewery. If you were one of the 70,000 attendees of the Oregon Brewer's Festival, The Real Beer Page will have pages up momentarily recapping the event. Check our What's New page for the latest info on The Real Beer Page:

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* Bringing the WWW to the World of Craft Brewing
The Real Beer Page continues to push business paradigms on the WWW and the model of a virtual company by taking the business on the road. Mark Silva, partner and CEO of the Real Beer Page is taking the page to brewers all across the country. Pulling a 34' silver travel-trailer, Silva sets up residence in an area for a month, gets wired, and shows the breweries in the area how to optimize their communications when/if they decide to participate in the WWW. One brewer called it the Johnny Appleseed of the WWW, and corny as it sounded, we liked it. We looked in our little satchel hanging from the shoulder and saw an Apple (computer, that is) in there, so we thought the analogy worked. Having spent a month in Oregon, two weeks in Washington and now in Montana headed towards the east coast, Silva plans to post travelogues of his adventures and impressions at

If you work with a brewery or have someone you want us to meet, email him at: Phone contact can be made at 800.918.7624. We look forward to meeting you out there. Cheers!

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* Real Beer Page Help-Wanted
We're looking to build a pool of talented resources to draw upon as our activity continues to increase.
part-time system administration - must be in Northern California, experience bringing up www servers, ftp, wais, listservers, mail, cgi, etc.
www development - heavy duty Photoshop user, 3-d programs, knowledgeable about making fast-loading but cool graphics.
php - know all the latest Netscape Extensions but mark-up in php 3.0. need to be fast and reasonable.
If you are interested, email:

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