Jun 23, 2018

Beer Break

Beer Break Vol. 3, No. 10
What beer changed it all for you?

Dec. 12, 2002

We've added a new discussions area at that's easier to use than the Forums we've used occasionally. We threw the doors open to the public this week after a little testing on the weekend. You might think the Internet doesn't need another beer discussion board (did you know there's even one pretty well hidden at, but we hope it will be a community where users of varying beer experiences and interests will feel comfortable hanging out.


Readers will start most discussions, but the boards also give us a chance to ask for your opinion about news stories, beer and food pairings, breweries and brewpubs, and other beer related subjects.

An interesting thread opened yesterday where a user asked: "What was the beer that changed it all for you?" The responses should make good reading. Here's an early one:

"For me, growing up in a household that drinks, I never really cared for beer. I would drink it when I was out but most beers left something to be desired. In 1991 I was 18 and attending my first ever Grateful Dead show. It was great. We were there for the parking lot festivities with all the madness that goes on at these things, when two guys pull a wagon up to me with beer in it. 2 bucks a piece for beers that they were willing to sell to a minor. In this wagon were Anchor Steam and Anchor Liberty, one brand and two different styles that I had never heard of before. What the hell, 'I'll take one of each.' Never before had I tasted beer so wonderful. It seriously changed my life forever. I could never find beers that satisfied me locally so I started to homebrew. Following my father's good advice of doing what you love led me to a great job at Firestone Brewing Co. Best fun I ever had at work.
"Beer is my life, Billy"

You can browse the boards without registering, but to post you must sign in. Just go to get started. If you want to suggest forum additions, write us.

We look forward to seeing you on the boards.

Tasting notes
From the Celebrator Beer News Blind Tasting Panel

Brewed by the Sierra Nevada Brewing in California
Starts with a citrusy, floral nose with great hop character. Amber-copper color. Big hop character, but very well balanced with good conditioning. Zippy Hop notes, smooth mouthfeel and a rich finish make this one of the must have beers of the season!

Brewed by Elysian Brewing Co. in Washington
Hop aromas with hints of pine and citrus. Golden-orange color. Nice citrusy flavors with big hop character and a long, lingering finish. Hard to find but worth the effort.

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