Hop Merchants Hall of Fame

When I started the Hop Source, I couldn't find anyone in the nation who--in my opinion--cared for whole hops properly. I knew that whole hops had the potential to be far superior to pellets with regard to aromatic oils, but only if those oils were protected from oxidation. From my reading of the literature, the only way to do that was to store whole hops away from air, frozen, in the dark. That's why I chose to vacuum seal the hops I sold in barrier bags and store them at 0 F.

Now that I've sold the Hop Source, I have to buy hops like everyone else (pretty sad, huh?) I'm happy to see that vacuum sealing and/or nitrogen purging and freezer storage have become the new standard--no more stale brown hops sitting on a warm shelf, under the lights. At least that's the case at the four shops listed (in alphabetical order) below. I'd feel comfortable buying whole hops from any of them.

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