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Thanks for visiting the Hop Page. There's a Table of Contents below listing what the Hop Page has to offer. I'm your host, Glenn Tinseth, and I'm a Hophead. Once scorned, today hop lovers are holding their heads higher, lifting their India Pale Ales and Bohemian Pilsners in a world-wide toast to the magical powers of lupulin. Like most other "web authors" I'll recite the litany: this webspace is a work in progress; I have some fun ideas for additional pages, so stay tuned and see what happens.

What's Here

This is, I think, the most comprehensive collection of hop information available on the Web. Although I'd like to take credit for everything you see here, I had a lot of help. Norm Pyle is the man responsible for compiling and maintaining the Hop FAQ--all I did was convert it to HTML. For better or for worse, I must take credit for the idea for the online Bitterness Calculator and the article on Hop Aroma and Flavor (first published in the 1993 Jan./Feb. issue of Brewing Techniques magazine). The C code to run the CGI-based Bitterness Calculator was written by my good friend Tim Pugh. The JavaScript bitterness and water chemistry calculators were a fun way to learn a scripting language.

Some of you may not know where to get good, fresh hops. My current favorite source (and the sponsor of the Hop Page) is Freshops. The Oregon Hop Commission has put together a page that contains great descriptions of Oregon hop varieties and a very good paper on growing hops in the home garden. Dave Wills also has some info on growing hops. For information about growing hops in New England, take a look at Dr. Leonard Perry's hop pages at the University of Vermont, Burlington.

For brewers interested in the science of hops and brewing, I've included information about my hop utilization numbers. You'll also find a page describing several of the American Society of Brewing Chemists Hop Analysis methods. For a look at the hop scene in the UK, check out Gillian Grafton's Hops in the UK page.

In addition to all the hop information, I've included a few quality links I like to visit. For homebrewers, Al Korzonas's BrewInfo Page and The Brewery are outstanding. John Lock has put together a site called the Beer Info Source that should appeal to homebrewers and professionals alike.

Since a lot of people like to read about beer as well as drink it, here is Dave Brockington's Beer Tasting Notebook. Dave's a talented beer critic and a very conscientous beer judge--I take his feedback on my homebrew very seriously. And, of course, being from Oregon, I have to include a couple of links that describe the beer scene here in the "Good Beer Capital of the US." Ed Lingel has done a great job on The Oregon Beer Page, while Don Scheidt's Northwest BrewPage chronicles the whole Pacific Northwest.

Tell Me What You Think

As you have probably guessed by now, I love hops and homebrewing--I've learned a lot about both in the last eight years. The World Wide Web, on the other hand, is all new to me. I'd love to hear what you think of this page and its links, about hops, homebrewing, or just beer in general. Send me email [gtinseth (at) yahoo (dot) com] and I promise to answer back.


Table of Contents


*JavaScript Online Bitterness Calculator
*CGI-BIN Online Bitterness Calculator
*JavaScript Online Water Chemistry Calculator
*JavaScript Online Beer Specs Chemistry Calculator
*Norm Pyle's Hop FAQ
*Hop Aroma and Flavor
*Hop Utilization Numbers
*Oregon Hop Commission
*Dave Wills on Growing Hops
*Leonard Perry's Growing Hops in New England
*Gillian Grafton's Hops in the UK
*Freshops Online Store


*The Brockington's Award Winning India Pale Ale Recipe
*Thom Thomlinson's India Pale Ale Article from Brewing Techniques
*Al Korzonas's BrewInfo Page
*The Brewery
*John Lock's Beer Infonet

Good Beer

*Dave Brockington's Beer Tasting Notebook
*The Oregon Beer Page
*Northwest BrewPage

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