Elysian Bi Frost Winter Ale

The winter ale from Elysian Brewing in Seattle, Washington, has an unusual name. It comes from the “rainbow bridge made from fire, air and water, used by the gods to travel from the world tree, Yggdrasil, to the heavens. Asgard.” It’s “Brewed with Pale malt and small amounts of Munich and Crystal malts. Bittered with Centennial, finished with Amarillo and Styrian Goldings hops.”

Elysian Bi Frost

Alcohol Content:
19.3 Plato (1.078),
6.25 % by weight
7.5% by volume.
IBUs: 42

Redhook Winterhook

Redhook releases its famed Winterhook for the holidays again this year, as they have every year since 1985. Winterhook’s rich, full body and deep chestnut color make it the perfect beer for chilly winter days! The complex malt profile with hints of chocolate and caramel are the result of using nine different varieties of malt. We balance the sweetness of the malts with four separate hop charges. This leaves a delicious beer that is well rounded with a clean finish.

Redhook Winterhook

Malt: Caramel 50/60 from England and Germany
Hops: Cascade, Northern Brewer
IBUs: 29
Alcohol: 5.5% a.b.v.
Color: Deep Ruby (21.7 SRM)
Original Gravity: 1057
Calories: 185 / 12 oz. bottle

Beer Shampoo Bars

Leave it to the off-centered Dogfish Head Craft Brewery in Delaware to come up with this one. A whopping ten ounces of hand made and cut Dogfish Head Shampoo Bars are made with their fine ales (we all know beers are great clarifying agents for hair), rosemary and tea tree essential oils. Their shampoo bar is great for anyone on the go — just stuff it in a plastic bag and go, no way for it to spill all over your clothes in a suitcase! Word on the street is that the special conditioners in this shampoo make it hit on the professional dog grooming circuit (who knew!?)

Dogfish Head Shampoo

They’re only $5.00 a bar and are small enough to be an ideal stocking stuffer. They can be ordered at the Dogfish Head online store.

Ten Best British Winter Ales

Legendary British beer writer Roger Protz picks his ten favorite winter ales to warm you up during the holidays. To be fair, one of them is not British, but they’re his ten faves available in England.

  1. Bateman’s Rosey Nosey
  2. Shepherd Neame’s Christmas Ale
  3. Greene King Old Crafty Hen
  4. Lees Harvest Ale
  5. Fuller’s Brewer’s Reserve No. 1
  6. Chiltern Bodgers Barley Wine
  7. Eggenberg Samichlaus
  8. Young’s Christmas Pudding Ale
  9. O’Hanlon’s Thomas Hardy’s Ale
  10. Spingo Ales’ Blue Anchor Christmas Special

Rosey Nosey

Protz’s Number 1: Bateman’s Rosey Nosey, which he describes as follows.

Warming, rich, malty beer with a good, solid underpinning of spicy hops and the typical ripe fruit signature of all Bateman’s ales that come from a family-owned brewery in Lincolnshire.