Beer Can Xmas Tree

400 cans = one Christmas tree

Who: Percy Street Barbecue, one of Philadelphia’s top spots for barbecue, serving a straightforward selection of slowly smoked meats and homey side dishes canned beers and cocktails (900 South Street in Philadelphia, 215-625-8510).

What: “Beer Can Xmas Tree” featuring over 400 beer cans. This 8-foot tree took General Manager Aric Ferrell and Desiree Howie, a staff member and local artist, over 12 hours to assemble.

Why: Spreading Canned Christmas Cheer. Percy Street carries over 60 varieties of canned beer (click here for beer list). Most of the cans used on the tree are from Percy Street’s Six Pack Program, where guests select five beers and the sixth can is on the house. The beers are served in custom galvanized steel buckets (see the top of the tree.)

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