The United States of Beer

United States of BeerYou might recall that a few years ago we recommended the 33 Bottles of Beer tasting book as a stocking stuffer. Since then, publisher Dave Selden added “33 books” for a variety of other products you taste and smell — such as chocolate, wine and cheese.

His newest creation is a large (39 inches by 25 inches – here it is full size) map that makes a fine gift for a beer lover with plenty of wall space. Selden explains, “Both posters (one for $30, a limited edition version for $50) are based on my 33 Beers format, with a flavor wheel and 5-star rating area, plus room for beer name, brewery, and the date you tried it. There wasn’t room for much in the way of notes, but I think the point of this poster is more about the journey than a particular destination.”


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