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Beer socks: Hop the Hops?

Beer Socks

We’re not totally sure what the motto at means — “Don’t just walk the walk, hop the hops” — but the socks are definitely for showing off. Perhaps the story behind the the little company is true:

“We are a close group of friends that are always on the hunt for fun activities to showcase our amazing and expansive ideas in costuming. In October of 2011, we donned our snazziest lederhosen with our bright orange Beer Socks and headed out to Washington state’s best ‘fest: the Leavenworth Oktoberfest,” they explain at their website. When others at the festival kept asking about their socks, and even to have their pictures taken with them, they decided the were on to something.

Samuel Adams chocolate box made for beer drinkers

Samuel Adams Beer Lover's Chocolate BoxBoston Beer Company has teamed up with San Francisco-based chocolate maker TCHO to create a Samuel Adams Beer Lover’s Chocolate Box, which includes two each of six chocolates designed to pair with the six different beers in the Samuel Adams Winters Classics Variety Pack. “The idea of pairing beer and food has been around for centuries, but many people are just starting to explore the idea and have fun with it while learning what works. From a juicy burger to a rich cheese or dessert, there’s a beer to create that perfect pairing – it’s all about letting the flavor of one enhance the other,” Jennifer Glanville, brewery manager at the Samuel Adams Boston Brewery, said for a press release.

This package comes with notes about each chocolate and suggestions for pairing with the beers in the variety pack. Those include Boston Lager, Winter Lager, Holiday Porter, Old Fezziwig, Chocolate Bock, a White Christmas. The last beer, an unfiltered white ale brewed with cinnamon and nutmeg spices and orange peel, is a new addition. The chocolate box can be ordered online or purchased in Samuel Adams Boston Brewery gift shop.