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Tools in a beer can

Tools in a canThis might look like your average beer can, but instead of beer inside you’ll find a complete tool kit.

Included are a bit holder, a bit driver, a socket adapter and a full range of bits and sockets.

“Perfect for car racing events as well – Formula 1, NASCAR.”

Or . . . the same can is available with golf items inside.

2,700 beers and it fits in a stocking

The Beer GuideThe Beer Guide delivers reviews of 2,700 beers and still (at 4 by 8 inches) manages to remain the size of a stocking stuffer.

The reviews are based on tens of thousands of ratings by the 30,000 members of the community, and come with descriptions taken from the ratings by the website’s long-time editor, Josh Oakes.

From the Dayton Daily News:

“Brutally honest, brilliant food-to-beer guide and a good deal of hilarious commentary. Studying it can only improve your beer IQ.”