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Shopping at a brewery beats the mall every time

Mother's Brewing Company beanieDon’t overlook how excellent the shopping can be in brewery and brewpub gift stores.

You might pick up a present for a fan of a far away brewery in its online store, but there’s much to be said for shopping local and in person. We’re thinking today about wearables — thus the beanie from Mother’s Brewing in Springfield, Mo. — but you never know what you might came across in a brewery store. From mustard made with the brewery’s beer bottle cap earrings.

And as long as you’ve taken the time to visit the brewery … well, you know the rest.

Jewelry fit for a Hop Queen

Hop Queen Whole Leaf Hop Pendant NecklaceThe Etsy store bin52 offers accessories made by a homebrewer for homebrewers and craft beer lovers. All pieces are made with real grains and hops.

The “Hop Queen Whole Leaf Hop Pendant Necklace” is pictured here.

A search at Etsy using the word beer will return more than 60,000 options, so you might want to include a second words, such as hops, ornament, earring or . . . use your imagination.