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The United States of Beer

United States of BeerYou might recall that a few years ago we recommended the 33 Bottles of Beer tasting book as a stocking stuffer. Since then, publisher Dave Selden added “33 books” for a variety of other products you taste and smell — such as chocolate, wine and cheese.

His newest creation is a large (39 inches by 25 inches – here it is full size) map that makes a fine gift for a beer lover with plenty of wall space. Selden explains, “Both posters (one for $30, a limited edition version for $50) are based on my 33 Beers format, with a flavor wheel and 5-star rating area, plus room for beer name, brewery, and the date you tried it. There wasn’t room for much in the way of notes, but I think the point of this poster is more about the journey than a particular destination.”


You can never have too many beer glasses

Pretentious glasswarePretty sure no brewery is giving away anything like Pretentious Beer Glasses on pint night. The one on the left will set you back $35.

There are so many beer glass options these days we’re not inclined to endorse a single one. You can read a review of the Pretentious line from Jay Brooks or at The New School.

You can usually find interesting glassware — often branded, but that’s part of the fun — at stores that sell the sort of beer we talk about here.

And now we’re going to break the “no endorsement” rule for New Belgium’s “Glass That Gives” promotion, because you might call it a present that gives twice.

For the barrel-loving beer drinker

Wine barrel sinkThe Rocky Mountain Barrel Company in Colorado sells wine barrels that may be used in many ways — for instance, for barrel-aged beers, or even for . . . winemaking.

In addition the barrels themselves, the company offers items crafted from barrels and staves. For instance, the wine barrel sink pictured here, both small and large benches, and a bourbon barrel stave coat rack that should probably come with a sign that says, “Do not lick.”

Give a beer your can’t buy at Seven-11

Last year The Rare Beer Club impressed Fast Company magazine so much they featured the club in their December/January issue, stating: “Offering beer as a token of holiday goodwill can be tricky. It’s gauche to put a six-pack under the tree, and nothing says ‘I forgot’ like a brown bag with a ribbon around its neck.” This year Esquire Magazine sings the The Rare Beer Club’s praises in their December issue.

How does it work? Each month, members receive two different 750 ml selections, many of which are corked and caged, and Gift Memberships available from 2-12 months to fit any budget. And the club is offering Real Beer readers $10 off an order of any term. It really is a gift that just keeps on giving.