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Beer Bands

While we’re not fans of drinking straight from the bottle, sometimes it’s a necessity. And when you do, it’s often hard to tell whose bottle is whose. Luckily, the Modern Poverty Store has the answer: Beer Bands. They look like those rubber bracelets people wear to support a cause, but they’re designed to fit around a beer bottle to identify which one is yours. Depending on how stretchy they are, they may even fit around a pint glass.

Beer Bands

Available in four different themes, Designated Driver, Mine Mine Mine, Personality Control and How To Say I’m Drunk, each set of twelve is $12.95.

Rogue Stout & Chocolate Gift Boxes

If you’re looking to satisfy the sweet tooth and a love of beer of that special someone this holiday season, Chicago choclatier Vosges Haut-Chocolat may have just what you’re looking for in these two chocolate and beer gift boxes, featuring beer from Rogue.

Mo’s Bacon Bar & Rogue Shakespeare Stout Gift Box
Rogue Shakespeare is an oatmeal stout, distinctly mellower than its Irish ancestors. And it was crowned the 2008 World Beer Best Stout of the year. Oatmeal stout dates back to the 1800s when it was discovered that the addition of oatmeal to the brewing process yielded a “healthier” beer, touted as a virtual cure–all. Rogue’s Shakespeare Stout is an ebony–tinged brew, laden with notes of chocolate and just the right amount of hops to compliment the umami notes in the Bacon and Chocolate line.


Caramel Marshmallows & Rogue Chocolate Stout Gift Box
Rogue Chocolate Stout fills your glass with its rich, ebony yumminess, revealing mellow oats, chocolate malts and hops through its creamy head. Its Comfort Food coupling just makes relaxing easier, with layers of sweet Madagascar bean marshmallow balanced by the bitter hops finish and caramely nuttiness complementing the earthen malts. Oh and chocolate, lots of chocolate.

Gift Idea: Crowbar Opener

Its time to pry into your next cold one! This novelty bottle opener is not only the perfect fit into your bar accessories, it is also a fully functional mini crowbar! One of our favorite bar tools, this bottle opener makes a great surprise for your handy man! Made of stainless steel with a baked enamel coating.

Crowbar Opener

Available online from Home Wet Bar.

Tools in a beer can

Tools in a canThis might look like your average beer can, but instead of beer inside you’ll find a complete tool kit.

Included are a bit holder, a bit driver, a socket adapter and a full range of bits and sockets.

“Perfect for car racing events as well – Formula 1, NASCAR.”

Or . . . the same can is available with golf items inside.

Goin’ fishin’

Alaskan fishing lureThe Alaskan Brewing site claims: “Letters from around the country with photos show that when the fish are biting – they are biting our lures. Go figure.”

At $3 this seems like a perfect stocking stuffer.

To take it a step further, you might use the lure to hook a salmon, smoke the salmon, cook it and serve it with – bet you knew this was coming – Alaskan Smoked Porter.