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Japanese Shirt Twenty

In Japan, the legal age for buying beer and tobacco is 20. In Japanese convenience stores, they have cute little characters who enforce this rule, sternly informing you that you must be 20 years old to buy beer or cigarettes.

Japanese 20 Sign

The J-List thought they would make a great parody T-shirt, wacky yet cute at the same time. The text reads Osake, tobacco wa hatachi ni natte kara (literally, “Enjoy alcohol and tobacco after you turn 20″). Yellow shirt. Choose S, M, L and XL.

Japanese 20 T-Shirt

Japanese T-shirt “You must be 20 Years Old to Purchase Tobacco and Alcohol”
In stock in San Diego! Weight: 300 g. Price: $18.95
Product type: Japanese T-Shirt 100% Cotton (pre-shrunk)

Beer Smarts Trivia Game

While not perhaps for the hardcore beer geek, Beer Smarts Trivia Game looks like a lot of fun for anyone with a passing interest in beer, and especially fans who want to learn more in a fun, lively and entertaining way.

Beer Smarts

You find the game all over the internet at various online retailers, including two at Amazon, Home Wet Bar and others. You can also find it at Sur la Table, Team Sugar and Target. The price varies a little from place to place, from around $16-18, with $16.95 being the average.

Beer Geek Shop

If you need some cool glassware for the beer lover on your list, check out the Beer Geek Shop. You’re sure to find something there for the”beer geek” in your life.

Beer Geek Shop

The have tons of different glassware.

Beer Geek Shop

And also shirts, accessories and even beer pong.

Beer Can Puppet

While the folks at The Puppet Store conceived the Beer Can Puppet to be used “to teach why drinking is bad for your health and the other dangers associated with alcohol and drinking,” that doesn’t mean it couldn’t be used for good instead. Beer isn’t “bad for your health” in moderation, of course, and so there’s no reason a beer can puppet couldn’t be used to convey that more positive message, too.

Beer Can Puppet

Besides, the 17-inch tall beer can puppet is pretty cool looking, too. Your “hand enters through the bottom of the puppet” and “has a movable mouth.”

Kanji Beer, Please

If you’ve never heard the term “Kanji” before, they are “the Chinese characters that are used in the modern Japanese logographic writing system.” Outside of Japan, you see them as tattoos a lot but there is a less permanent way to show your love of beer without being too obvious about it.

One way is Yumi’s Cafe Press Store which feature the kanji characters for “beer, please” on a variety of t-shirts, hats, mugs and even a messenger bag.

Beer, Please Kanji

If you don’t want the please, then there’s a tile and mug with just the kanji for beer on it from Han Translation Gifts, also on Cafe Press.

Beer Kanji