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Colorado brewers recruit SOCIAL drinkers

Here’s a gift idea for a beer lover in Colorado: a membership in the Colorado Brewers Guild’s new SOCIAL membership program.

A $25 membership in SOCIAL (Supporters of Colorado’s Indigenous Ales & Lagers) includes a SOCIAL Drinker T-shirt, discounts at Guild and SOCIAL events, and access to special beer events at Colorado’s best breweries.

“Craft beer,” Eric Wallace, guild president and founder of Left Hand Brewing Company, in Longmont said for a press release, “is one of the state’s best economic and cultural assets. We want more people to understand that and reap the rewards of Colorado’s rich beer culture.”

The program was inspired by the Oregon Brewers Guild’s SNOB (Supporters of Native Oregon Beer) effort.

More information and an application can be found at the Colorado Brewers Guild website.

Samuel Smith Gift Box

Available on a limited basis, the Samuel Smith Selection Box contains 18.7 oz. bottles of three classic ales, each an international benchmark for the style: Oatmeal Stout, Nut Brown Ale, and Old Brewery Pale Ale. It also holds an authentic Sam Smith logo Imperial Pint glass, two “Rose of Yorkshire” coasters, and a Merchant du Vin Classic Brewing Styles Brochure.

Samuel Smith Gift Box

Imported by Merchant du Vin, look for the Selection Gift Box at stores that carry better beer everywhere.

Japanese Shirt Twenty

In Japan, the legal age for buying beer and tobacco is 20. In Japanese convenience stores, they have cute little characters who enforce this rule, sternly informing you that you must be 20 years old to buy beer or cigarettes.

Japanese 20 Sign

The J-List thought they would make a great parody T-shirt, wacky yet cute at the same time. The text reads Osake, tobacco wa hatachi ni natte kara (literally, “Enjoy alcohol and tobacco after you turn 20″). Yellow shirt. Choose S, M, L and XL.

Japanese 20 T-Shirt

Japanese T-shirt “You must be 20 Years Old to Purchase Tobacco and Alcohol”
In stock in San Diego! Weight: 300 g. Price: $18.95
Product type: Japanese T-Shirt 100% Cotton (pre-shrunk)

Beer Smarts Trivia Game

While not perhaps for the hardcore beer geek, Beer Smarts Trivia Game looks like a lot of fun for anyone with a passing interest in beer, and especially fans who want to learn more in a fun, lively and entertaining way.

Beer Smarts

You find the game all over the internet at various online retailers, including two at Amazon, Home Wet Bar and others. You can also find it at Sur la Table, Team Sugar and Target. The price varies a little from place to place, from around $16-18, with $16.95 being the average.