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Portable breathalyzer

Beer Alcohol CalculatorNot to throw a wet blanket on your holiday cheer, but it doesn’t hurt to be careful about your blood alcohol level when you are having a few beers.

The portable breathalyzer pictured here is sold at Amazon. It makes checking very easy, which is part of the point, as in a one button operation. But we don’t care what brand you buy — a quick Google search provides plenty of option.

It is not as precise, but you can get an idea of what your BAC might be by using this online calculator.

Northwest beer gear

Kootenai River Brewing Stainless Steel Keg GrowlerSPONSORED POST

Give them what they really want, give the gift of beer gear. is your exclusive online retailer of quality craft beer merchandise from some of the Inland Northwest’s best breweries. Featuring T-shirts, hoodies, hats, and growlers you are sure to find the perfect gift for the craft beer nerd on your list.

Save on The Rare Beer Club

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The Rare Beer Club’s mission statement is quite simply to bring you the best craft beers that the world has to offer. And certainly no one had more knowledge and experience with artisanal beers than Rare Beer Club founder Michael Jackson, whom The Wall Street Journal referred to as “The World’s leading beer critic.”

It’s an exciting time to be a beer lover. Passionate, creative, artisanal brewers around the world are returning to often-forgotten traditions without compromising on ingredient quality to cut costs. They’re leading the way in creating new styles by experimenting with unusual ingredients, blending aged beers, aging beers in bourbon barrels, and imparting other innovative brewing techniques.

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BeerBugThis one is for homebrewers. The BeerBug is a cloud connected digital hydrometer — measuring the density and temperature of your fermenting beer, cider, or wine and reporting that to the cloud to be read from your computer or smartphone, anywhere in the world.

The BeerBug gathers specific gravity, temperature, and alcohol data from your fermenting brew and sends that data to the cloud. You are able to read your brew data via your web browser and iOS or Android App. When sending commands to your BeerBug your commands retrace this path, going through the cloud then back down to your BeerBug.

Some other key details:

- It fits most any vessel
- It mounts just like an airlock
- It reroutes C02 via airlock or blowoff
- It has rechargeable 25+ day battery life

Scrabble coasters

Although the points on the tiles only add up to 17 the word FERMENTATION has the potential to add a lot more points by reaching double and triple letter or word scores.

These are the sorts of things you can contemplate while shuffling through this set of beer coaster tiles. It does not come with a large scrabble board, although no home bar should be without one. Added bonus: you can pick this up at the PBS store.