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For the barrel-loving beer drinker

Wine barrel sinkThe Rocky Mountain Barrel Company in Colorado sells wine barrels that may be used in many ways — for instance, for barrel-aged beers, or even for . . . winemaking.

In addition the barrels themselves, the company offers items crafted from barrels and staves. For instance, the wine barrel sink pictured here, both small and large benches, and a bourbon barrel stave coat rack that should probably come with a sign that says, “Do not lick.”

Give a beer your can’t buy at Seven-11

Last year The Rare Beer Club impressed Fast Company magazine so much they featured the club in their December/January issue, stating: “Offering beer as a token of holiday goodwill can be tricky. It’s gauche to put a six-pack under the tree, and nothing says ‘I forgot’ like a brown bag with a ribbon around its neck.” This year Esquire Magazine sings the The Rare Beer Club’s praises in their December issue.

How does it work? Each month, members receive two different 750 ml selections, many of which are corked and caged, and Gift Memberships available from 2-12 months to fit any budget. And the club is offering Real Beer readers $10 off an order of any term. It really is a gift that just keeps on giving.

Keep on beer truckin’

Hudepohl Beer TruckOnce there were horse-drawn beer wagons, then motorized trucks hauling beer and advertising breweries. has an extensive collection of miniature die cast metal trucks, for both current brands and those long gone. American Beer Trucks, a wonderful collection of photos is out of print, but you ask the folks at to notify you when it becomes available or search various used book stores.

Hudepohl Beer Truck
• Hudepohl Brewing Co., Cincinnati, Ohio
• 1952 GMC Insulated Van
• First Gear Die Cast Metal
• Scale 1:34
Price: $24.95

Because sometimes there’s no beer to wet your whistle

Wynkoop Railyard lip balmLook around and you’ll be able to find lip balm made from a variety of beers (even Coors Light).

Wynkoop Brewing in Denver, for instance, had balms made with the malts and hops in both its Rail Yard Ale and B3K Black Lager, as well lip protecting oils and ingredients. The B3K version is the first black lip balm they’ve heard of (though it doesn’t darken your lips).

The brewpub also sells B3K and Rail Yard Ale soaps — custom made in Denver with the beers, malts and exfoliating crushed grains. There’s also a new seasonal beer soap made with pumpkin beer and pie spices.

Samuel Adams Utopias

Samuel Adams UtopiasThe tenth anniversary batch of Samuel Adams Utopias might be the sort of “bottle” of beer you wouldn’t buy for yourself — not at $190 (when you can find it) — but it makes a pretty good gift. One you might want to give with two glasses, if you’ve figured out where this is going.

A Boston Beer Co. press release only begins to hint at how complex this beer is: “The 2012 Samuel Adams Utopias brew weighs in a bit above 29 percent alcohol by volume (ABV) and was aged in hand-selected, single-use bourbon casks from the award-winning Buffalo Trace Distillery to enhance the beer’s distinct vanilla and maple notes. The 10th Anniversary batch also spent time in a variety of finishing casks: Tawny Port casks and Vintage Ruby Port casks from Portugal, which contribute slightly more elegant, dark fruit aromas, and Rum barrels from Nicaragua, which add flavors of fig, chocolate, raisin, vanilla, and a slight spice.”

The brewers make fewer than 15,000. bottles of this limited-edition beer due to the long aging required. Samuel Adams Utopias is bottled in a specially designed 10th Anniversary black decanter. Shaped like a brew kettle, the exterior is etched with roots.

“This release of Samuel Adams Utopias is proof – 58 proof to be exact – that extreme beers have earned a permanent and respected place in the beer universe, a world now constantly evolving with new craft brewers and excited craft beer drinkers,” company founder Jim Koch said for the press release.