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Boundary Bay Cabin Fever

Specially brewed and bottled for the Pacific Northwest winters, this winter warmer’s dark red-brown color and rich malty flavor will complement any rich, hardy meal as well as your favorite spicy dish. However, with it’s cold conditioned, smooth, dry-hopped flavor, Cabin Fever is very satisfying all by itself.

Cabin Fever

O.G.: 1.072
Hops: Mt. Hood, Warrior, and Crystal.
Malts: Pale, 2-Row, Munich, Carastan, Dark Crystal, Oats, & Chocolate
Alcohol: 7.2% by volume


2008 World Beer Cup: Silver in Other Strong Ales
2006 World Beer Cup: Bronze in Strong Ales
2004 North American Beer Awards: Gold in Strong Ales
2002 Great American Beer Festival: Bronze in Strong Ales
1999 Great American Beer Festival: Silver in Strong Ales

Samuel Smith’s Winter Warmer

For 19 years, the arrival of Samuel Smith’s Winter Welcome Ale has heralded shorter days and the end of the warm months. Winter Welcome’s rich honey-amber color; creamy, complex flavor and firm strength; the incomparable Samuel Smith signature of great balance and refinement . . . these are reasons to look forward to fires, warm sweaters, and the cozy days of fall and winter. In England, “winter warmers” — beers of deep richness and higher alcohol — have tempered winter’s chill for generations. Winter Welcome, the first imported winter ale sold in America, is the perfect beer to serve when friends get together to enjoy the season. It adds cheer served alone, but it is wonderful with roasted and smoked foods, hearty root vegetables, fresh pears and apples, even with cake and eggnog.

Samuel Smith Winter Warmer

Look for Winter Welcome starting around the first of October. Samuel Smith’s Old Brewery, in Tadcaster, Yorkshire, was established in 1758. The hard crystalline brewing water is still drawn from the original well sunk 250 years ago, and the yeast strain has remained unchanged for over 100 years. All Samuel Smith ales are still fermented in stone “Yorkshire Squares,” the traditional open-topped vessels made of locally-quarried slate.

Microscopic Beer Tie

Normally, beer ties tend to be novelties, the goofy sort that you couldn’t wear to any serious or even semi-serious function where a suit and tie was called for. These, on the other, are pretty cool. They’ve taken what beer looks like under a microscope, similar to Beer Shots, where you can see photographs of many different beers taken using a special optical microscope camera. Then they’ve taken those and converted them to fabric in many different color schemes. Each one comes with information about how it was done and which beer it is, not to mention proceeds go to the university who made these, a worthy cause. Art and beer. It almost makes me want to wear a tie.

Beer and Cocktails. Tie one on. The startling clarity of your favorite cocktails and beer, as visualized through the microscope, is revealed in the breathtaking patterns and unique designs found in the Molecular Expressions Cocktail Collection limited edition neckties.

Beer Ties

Combining the elements of art, science, and fashion, the original creator of the Molecular Expressions designer neckties, Stonehenge, Ltd., has produced collections that have presented consumers with beautiful designs from nature, while educating them about compelling subjects such as vitamins and Moon Rocks. The Cocktail Collection provides an education on drinking and driving while simultaneously enabling the conscientious consumer to “tie one on” safely before driving. Cocktail Collection neckties are made in the USA with 100 percent silk. In addition, all of the proceeds from necktie sales benefit scientific research and education at The Florida State University.

Beer Ties

From Beer Tie Collection #1, this design comes in twelve different color combinations.

Beer Ties

From Beer Tie Collection #2, this design comes in six different color combinations.

Beer Ties

From Beer Tie Collection #3, this design comes in seven different color combinations.

Each necktie in the beer collections is available separately and is accompanied by an educational brochure describing the history of these award winning neckties and details about how the images are made in the microscope. The beer Cocktail Collection neckties are priced at only $18.00 plus shipping (and 7.5 percent sales tax for Florida residents).

Harpoon Winter Warmer

As the days grow colder and the nights longer, winter is just around the corner. At this time of year, occasions are marked with traditional seasonal food and beverage. In keeping with one such tradition, many enjoy seasonal spiced ale to warm up the chilly nights. One of the first seasonal beers, returning for its 20th year, Harpoon Winter Warmer continues to be a favorite winter tradition on those cold New England days.

Harpoon brewed this latest version of their classic winter seasonal beer to be more malty and robust. The characteristic cinnamon and nutmeg come through in the aroma, but are subtle on the palate.

Harpoon Winter Warmer

This full-bodied spiced ale yields a rich chestnut color. “Brewed with cinnamon and nutmeg spices, Winter Warmer really suits the season,” says Al Marzi, Vice President and Head Brewer. “Winter Warmer achieves the winter feeling in part because of the spices we use, but also because of the smooth, full-bodied taste of the beer.”

Winter Warmer was Harpoon’s first seasonal beer. Available from late October through the end of January, Winter Warmer complements any holiday gathering. Whether enjoying a pint with friends in a cozy pub or serving it at a large family get-together, this spiced ale adds to every winter occasion. Harpoon Winter Warmer is available in six-packs, twelve-packs, and on draft.

Odell Isolation Ale

Odell Brewing of Fort Collins, Colorado has released their winter seasonal, Isolation Ale. Brewed with imported premium malts from England, Isolation ale is a rich, malty ale. And like a Colorado mogul run, this winter warmer features hops that deliver subtle spice and a creamy head like the season’s first snow.

Odell Isolation

“We know winter’s coming when our guests start asking for our Isolation. Our customers look forward to this beer all year,” said Lynsey Perry, Tap Room Assistant Manager.

For nearly ten years, Isolation ale has delighted fans and warmed cabins throughout the winter months. Odell Brewing Company will hold an Isolation Celebration on Wednesday October, 8th at the brewery’s Tap Room. With a little luck, it just may snow.