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Experimental Homebrewing

The cover of this book includes the words “mad science” and the fellow on the front has that certain look. No surprise that the 30-plus recipes in this book include beers made with mushrooms and watermelon (different beers, but in the spirit of the book you can do whatever you want).

However, authors Drew Beechum and Denny Conn — both “can I have my picture taken with you?” superstars in the homebrewing community — also are interested in experiments that include ways to make beer better. They ask questions like: Do you get different hop aromas from hops steeped at different temperatures? Can you change your flavor and aroma characteristics by pitching different amounts of yeast?

“Experimental Homebrewing: Mad Science in the Pursuit of Great Beer” comes with a list of coded experiments, so you can feel like a scientist yourself.

Scrabble coasters

Although the points on the tiles only add up to 17 the word FERMENTATION has the potential to add a lot more points by reaching double and triple letter or word scores.

These are the sorts of things you can contemplate while shuffling through this set of beer coaster tiles. It does not come with a large scrabble board, although no home bar should be without one. Added bonus: you can pick this up at the PBS store.

And for your Next Glass

Next Glass appIt is being touted as the “Pandora for beer” although you can’t taste beers straight from your smartphone the same way you can listen to music.

The Next Glass app is available for both Android and iOS and serves both beer and wine drinkers. After you download it, it will have you rate some beers. Then when scan a bottle at your local store or do a search for a particular beer it will return a score that predicts if, and how much, you’ll like that beer.

“The more you rate, the more we learn about you,” said Next Glass CEO Kurt Taylor. “We look through chemistry of the beers and wines you have given us your preference on and we are able to find correlations and trends within your profile to figure out what is driving your enjoyment of those bottles.”

‘Because Beer’ & Cyber Monday

HeyBrewtiful Cyber Monday feels a little like walking into a multi-tap bar with scores of beers to choose from or a liquor store with hundreds of selections.

There’s a lot of choose from. But since you can get 20% off today at the heybrewtiful Etsy shop it is our Cyber Monday pick.

We’ve added the postcard collection to our wish list. Here’s the description:

“Keep and frame your favorites and send the rest! The postcard pack offers you twenty different high-resolution prints at just under $2.50 per image–a great value for those looking to create an instant gallery worthy space for the bar or brewspace (frame not included).

“A mix of high quality color and black & white images, the collection easily serves as keepsakes worth framing–especially when inscribed with a message to someone you love (or love drinking beside).”