Beer Game: Suits

Category: Card Games
Submitted By: Anonymous

Beer Games I didn't see this game on your web page, so I figured I'd tell you about it. It's a simple card game called "Suits". There is one dealer (also a participant) who holds all the cards. Deal proceeds to the left of the dealer (clockwise). To start the game, the player directly to the right of the dealer calls any one of the four suits (let's say clubs). The dealer then proceeds to deal the cards face up, one to each player. The player who receives the first card of the called suit, in this case clubs, must drink for the count on the card (face value or 11 for Jacks, 12 for Queens, 13 for Kings, and 15 for Aces). The count, however, is given by the rest of the players. The count starts with the player directly to the left of the drinker (who says "One") and then proceeds to the next person to the left, and so on and so forth until the count is reached. The count
does not have to be steady; players may choose to make the drinker drink longer -- but they must remember that eventually the drinker will be counting for them. When the drinker has drunk the count, he or she must call the next suit (any of the four) before putting his or her beer down on the floor, table, etc. If the drinker fails to call a suit before putting down the beer, he or she must drink the count again (you'll find
that this rule is especially forgotten later in the game). After a drinker has finished a count and successfully called a suit before putting down the beer, the dealer resumes dealing, starting with the drinker and continuing clockwise. The only other rule of the game is this: If a drinker finishes his or her beer before their count is completed, they quickly slam the beer on the table -- whoever was the next to count, but did not get the number out before the beer was slammed, must drink the count on the drinker's card. For example, you get a 9 -- the count goes around and the guy to my right says 6. Then you slam your empty beer before I can say 7. I now have to drink a 9 count. In this case, dealing resumes with the most recent drinker, who is also responsible for calling he next suit. When all the cards have been dealt, the cards are collected and the game resumes exactly where it left off -- with the same suit that was called, and dealing to whomever was first to not get a card. The game ends whenever you want it to -- that's the beauty of it. One of the best things about playing the game at a party is that the players often get distracted when they are supposed to be counting -- thus making a longer drinking time.

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