Jun 24, 2018

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GABF brewers' diaries

Bill Madden

Capitol City Brewing - Sept. 22

Thoughts on GABF today ... some.

We were hit harder than I thought by Tropical Storm Isabel. What I did not realize last week was that so many people in this area were out of power and water. People were going to whatever restaurant was open since so many places were closed without power or water. Capitol City was hit hard over the weekend by out patrons. We went through 6 barrels (12 kegs) of Capitol Kolsch on Friday alone. I got the call from the restaurant to come in since we were out by Saturday. When I explained to the managers the situation of filtering more on Monday they were fine. My bartenders were not though. The question from one of our longtime bar staff was "Can't you just keg some Kolsch off from somewhere?" as if I had some mystical vessel of Kolsch hidden away. I explained that it would require me to set up hoses behind the bar (our serving vessels are behind the bar) and suddenly the situation was "OK." I understand their point, that golden ale, Kolsch, is our biggest seller. It is also a GABF Gold (2002) and Silver (2001) medal winner and people expect it on tap at all times.

I have been thinking about GABF also in terms of what needs to get done before I can get on that plane Friday. There is the root beer that needs to get kegged off today, brite tank cleaned to receive filtered Kolsch, Kolsch brewed, fermenter that had Kolsch in it cleaned and sanitized, yeast for Kolsch brew pitched, hoses set up for filtration of Kolsch. This is all today, one big Kolsch day. Then filter three other tanks of Pale Ale, Rye Hop Ale, Amber Waves Ale and transfer two batches to brite tank, Hefe Weizen and Saison. Then all these fermenters need to be brewed into and a delivery of probably about 60 kegs or so to our Downtown location.

Whew! ... I have a lot to do before getting on that plane. So yeah, I am thinking about GABF in terms of what needs to get done before getting there.

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