Sep 18, 2018

Challenge Cup


O'Brien's wins Firkin Challenge

O'Brien's Pub in San Diego won an unofficial Firkin Challenge with Boscos Nashville on July 23. The original challenge was between Boscos Squared in Memphis and O'Brien's, but storms that swept across the Tennessee and Ohio Valleys on Tuesday knocked out power in much of Memphis and Nashville stepped up on short notice.

O'Brien's ripped through a firkin of Russian River Pliny the Elder Double IPA in 8 minutes, 52 seconds, while Boscos Nashville served its Firkin Bombay IPA in 42 minutes. Russian River brewer Vinnie Cilurzo was on hand to pour the beer. Customers finished drinking pints from the first firkin in 36 minutes, and ended up going through a second firkin as well.

The first pitchers poured were auctioned off to benefit the Polinski Children's Center, which is a home for displaced children. The auction raised more than $500.

"We kicked two casks of Double IPA in one hour and 44 minutes," said O'Brien's owner Tom Nickel. "I (put) a draft keg on tap just to satisfy demand. I wonder what bar in the US could go through more than 25 gallons of double IPA on a Wednesday?"

That, of course, is what the Challenge Cup is about.

Tom and VinnieO'Brien's owner Tom Nickel and Vinnie Cilurzo of Russian River Brewing pull pitchers of Pliny the Elder.

Boscos FirkinBoscos Nashville brewer Fred Scheer holds the glass as the last bit of Bombay IPA is poured into a pint glass.

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