Sep 18, 2018

Challenge Cup


Boscos vs. Boscos

We never expected the Challenge Cup to get rained out, but that's what happened in Tennessee. A storm that rolled through the Tennessee and Ohio valleys on July 22 left Memphis without power and forced Boscos Squared to close.

Business went on as usual in Nashville, with Boscos pouring 1,424 pints in three days. Boscos Squared, which defeated Nashville 1,497-1,252 in 2002, sold none.

This week there was a rematch. Boscos Squared poured 1,527 pints and Nashville 1,242.

Boscos Nashville remains in the running for a trophy in the national challenge, but Squared isn't eligible. If Nashville prevail, that should give supporters of both brewpubs more to talk about.

Boscos Squared
Boscos Squared in Memphis conducts Challenge Cup practice.

Boscos Nashville
Boscos in Nashville does the same they are doing the same.
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