Oct 22, 2018

Challenge Cup


American Beer Month Challenge Cup 2002
Boscos vs. Boscos

In Tennessee, the Boscos brewpubs in Memphis and Nashville battled to see which pub would sell more beer.


Boscos Squared
1497 beers
Boscos Nashville
1252 beers

Message from Throughout the 2002 Challenge Cup, regulars at Boscos brewpubs in Memphis and Nashville made us feel like we were at the bar in either place, enjoying a beer (in our hearts, at least) and listening to great banter. We've archived many of the posts for your reading pleasure.

This post from Boscos Brewmaster-Partner Chuck Skypeck was added a couple of days after we opened the message board. We think it is worth keeping up front because its relevance extends well beyond Tennessee.

"All kidding aside, just for a moment, I would like to make a more serious post to the 'Boscos vs Boscos' web page. One post stated that Nashville 'has a German Brewmaster' I believe that it is always easy to misinterpret comments on the internet, (and I hope I am not misunderstanding this comment) but I did take this comment to mean that somehow Nashville was superior to Memphis because they had a 'German brewmaster.'

"If this is the case, it brings up why we celebrate American Beer Month in the first place, which is to try and get the general public to understand that the world's most diverse and exciting beer culture is found in the United States of American. We have the world's largest number of breweries producing the world's largest variety of styles. We have both tradition and innovation in our breweries. Ask Michael Jackson where he finds, across the board, the most interesting beers in the world. His reply is the United States.

"This is not to disparage or discredit Germans or German beer culture, just simply to point out that in the United States we have a beer culture with both established and developing traditions that are as vibrant as anywhere in the world.

"That being said, I will say, proudly and chauvinistically, that Boscos Squared has an American brewmaster.

"For those of you that do not know, Fred is a naturalized American citizen that just so happens to be born in, well, Fred, where were you born? (I have heard several stories) and trained in Germany as both a brewmaster and maltmaster. I would love to hear Fred's comments on this matter. My guess is he considers himself an American brewmaster educated in Germany. Another example of our diverse beer culture in the United States, another reason to celebrate American Beer Month."

Memphis comments

Posted in the order in which they were received. Some refer directly to Nashville comments.

"My money is on Boscos Squared, simply if for no other reason that the management in Nashville has been slow to put up the American Beer Month Challenge promotional material."
- Chuck Skypeck (Editor's note: Chuck is a Boscos founder and has brewed at all three locations.)

"Boscos Squared, Baby! Nashville has a chance though, Fred is a good brewer and had a great mentor. Chuck did a great job teaching Fred how to brew Boscos' beer."
- Gene Saxon

"Nashville Rules, Memphis Drools" So you guys can read, write and..... rhyme. Wow!"
- Chuck Skypeck

"I've seen some very clever comments from the Nashville crew. Impressive - I have long been under the impression that they could neither read nor write."
- Gene Saxon - Assistant Brewer

"Please be advised that you must take Jared Hutto's comments with a grain of salt and a touch of tabassco."
- Bo LaVeaue - Director - Halfway House of the Drug Addicted and Food Impaired - Canal Street, New Orleans

"Your mothers drink "foreign" beers and your sisters drink wine!"
- Bill Kuntz - Head Chef, Boscos Squared

"Hey, nobody had better say anything bad about Chuck and Boscos Squared or I will send the beercadas from my backyard up to Nashville. You know, the ones that go BEEEE-ERRRRR, BEEEE-ERRRRR, BEEEE_ERRRRR. You wouldn't like that. Would anyone like to see my dead bird collection?"
- Louis Pambianchi

"I'll come clean like Chuck did. Between the beautiful women that come in Boscos Sqaured and the thought of having a delicious mouth-watering Boscos Sqaured beer after I get off work, I drool everyday."
- Bill Kuntz - Head Chef, Boscos Squared

"Boscos Nashville has my support! I've been to both Boscos Squared (great place to visit when work brings me to Memphis) and Bosco's Nashville, but I prefer Boscos Nashville. The bar in Boscos Squared is small and dark, a great place if you're more interested in picking up the "beautiful women" than enjoying great beer. Boscos Nashville is large and full of light, the best place to enjoy a great Boscos beer with all of the senses. I agree with the Brew Goddess -> 'American Beer Year!!!'
- Charlie Mangum

Sorry Memphis didn't post more on Thursday. We were busy doing, well you know, things like brewing beer, selling beer, drinking beer. Fred, how many beers did Nashville sell on Thursday?
- Chuck Skypeck

The Song of the Beercaida
The Song of the Beercaida that lives in my yard. The first time I heard it I was drinking out of a Ball Mason Jar.
The Song of the Beercaida is not a sad song but a song that is true. I usually hear it when I am drinking my homebrew.
The Song of the Beercaida that lives on my back. It reached down my throat and pulled out a 12 pack. No mojos, no trinkets, not even a charm, when the sun goes down they come in a swarm.
- Louis Pambianchi

"Fred was born in France? I always thought the beer in Nashville tasted sort of winey."
- Gene Saxon - Assistant Brewer

"So Fred, you're French? Thanks for telling me. That actually explains many things. Help me with my geography. Isn't the Saarland along the Rhine near the area where they make all those exceedingly sweet white wines?"
- Chuck Skypeck

"As someone who has been drinking beer at Boscos since the first week the original one in Germantown opened over 10 years ago, I feel I have a very good insight to all 3 Boscos. I was present at VIP pre-openings at Nashville and Squared. Business took me to Nashville over the past 3 years on many occasions as well. One thing I will say about all 3 is the 2 common threads they share. One is GREAT BEER! And the other is great STAFF. I have been made to feel welcome at all 3 Boscos whenever I have stopped in. So as for the contest, since I live in Memphis and have made Boscos Squared my on 'Cheers', I have to say that Boscos Squared will win the contest. And to Nashville, just be glad that Jerry and Chuck saw fit to grace your city with a Boscos."
Danny Jackson - Acitvities Director, Bluff City Brewers

"Who gives a malt or barley about where this Fred guy in Nashville is from. Fact is Memphis Boscos Squared is by far the better then anytwang Hicksville, oh I mean Nashville, has to offer. That especially includes the BEER!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Go Chuck"
- Thomas

"My opinion is...where is Nashville? Boscos Squared will win hands down and we are certainly going to do what we can to help out!"
- Phil and Jody Kane

' 'There's a tear in my beer...'; isn't that how the song goes? Start crying in your beer Nashville! Bosco's Squared will rock!"
- Jody

"Hillbilly music... German Beer... FRENCH Brewmaster!!! Only in Nashville. Good thing we have Chuck!"
- Bill "Thor" McQ - Head Drinker Bosco's Squared!

"Why oh why does Nashville always do this??? it seems that everytime there is some kind of competition going on between Nashville and Memphis, Nashville just ends up losing. Again. I think it could save everyone a lot of time and certainly a lot of sad faces on Nashvilles part if they just go ahead and admit defeat now and get it over with. That way all their customers can get back to drinking with out the added pressure of impending loss..."
- Billy "Thor" McQ - Nashvilles Daddy

"Having lived in Nashville for years and now living in Memphis, I have to say that Boscos Squared in Memphis is not just the best brewpub, but also the best bar I have ever frequented anywhere. Chuck is simply awesome (as well as his helper Gene), the bartenders are awesome, and the beer is awesome -- especially Scottish Ale and Stock Ale. Please come back soon, Stock Ale! Boscos Squared has been responsible for my paradigm shift in beer -- I just can't drink Bud any more! Boscos in Nashville is nice and all, but it isn't even the best bar in Nashville; that honor goes to the Sportsman's Grille in the Village & Rod Forsyth at the Grille is the best bartender in Nashville anyway. Go Chuck & Go Boscos Squared!"
- Joe "Mad Scientist" Barnes

"Boscos-Squared in Memphis is so far superior that it should be called Boscos to the power of 10, but that would be too much to say... All in all, the barley pops at both the Memphis and Nashville establishments are outstanding handcrafted brews, each having their unique characteristics. But I can't deny, Chuck & Gene at Boscos-Squared have never lets us down with their Scottish and Stock Ales. These brews have exceptional qualities and characters, and the occasional batch-to-batch subtleties are an always-welcomed pleasure! KEEP ON BREWING MEMPHIS!!!!"
- Dr. Clinton S. Robison IV, Ph.D., (a.k.a."Dr. C")

"As a former native of Nashville, and now residing in Memphis, I must voice my opinion on this matter. True to the tradition of finely crafted french wines, so to is the tradition of beer making exhibited by the French brewer Fred at Nashville's Boscos, although his German accent does heighten the overall dining experience at Nashville's Boscos. To hear Fred discuss his brew would make you think you were at Oktoberfest, and the experience is further heightened by the over-zealous patrons that pack the 4 seats by the hostess stand. Fred's French influence shows through in his finely crafted beers, with the citrus overtones, the fragrance of the hops, the jammy, almost chewy nature of his dark beers, with its pronounced earthy overtones, almost vegetable in quality. But alas, as a resident of Memphis, I have to show loyalty to Boscos on the Square Memphis since Chuck is pointing a gun at my head while I type this. Nashville Boscos is quite good, Jed runs a tight ship, he can't drive a boat, but he runs a great place. But Nashville doesn't hold a candle to the Memphis location in both diversity of food and diversity of its regular crowd of loyal followers. Such devotion is no doubt due to the phenominal casks brewed by Chuck and Gene accompanied by master chef Bill's daily menu delights. If its got to be beer, its got to be Boscos Memphis."
- Keith (the wine master) Pendergrass

"The Best Beer this side of the pond."
- Roy Dowty

"Nashville better??? You can't beat an original baby. Come to Memphis and have a Scottish, in a mug of course."
- Gary Narvid

"What? I'm out of it for a little while and Nashville gets delusions of grandeur?
   "I have worked in all three Boscos; as a server/cook/bartender in G'town, a manager in Nashvegas and general manager in the Square. I can fully attest that Boscos Squared has the best beer, best regulars and best staff. Nashville was nothing before Chuck and I fixed it up for Jed and Fred. Now they just try to hold on to the ghost of the best times they ever had (i.e. when Chuck and I were up there.)
   "As for regulars, I need only make one observation that says it all: During our 1st cellarman reunion party last year our regulars with no suggestion from any staff, management or ownership started counting down with 5 minutes until the drawing and did the wave around the bar for the last 2 minutes before the drawing! Beat that Nashvegas.    "Finally, Jed (the GM of Nashville) and I have made several personal bets on beer sales and overall store sales. Each bet has been for a six pack of the winner's choice of beer. Well Jed owes me a case of beer now. So Jed, how about double or nothing on the Challenge?"
- Trevor Timmons

"The beer enjoyed by all at Bosco's Squared is more than just beer, it's an experience!"
- Faith

"This is to you Jed about customer comments from Boscos Squared. I am a loyal customer at Boscos Squared and maybe if you folks in Nashville spent more time drinking beer instead of posting comments, you might have a chance to beat us!!!!"
- Jody

"I will give Jed credit because I think he is trying to win this challenge all on his own (at least it seemed that way after talking with him this evening), but in his current condition he declined to go double or nothing on our running bet. I wonder if that may be because he knows he will lose.
   "All kidding aside though, both stores have some of the best regulars an establishment could ask for. The Hopgod and his minions in Nashville are a great group who have supported Boscos for years. As for the Squared regulars they are one the main reasons I truly enjoy working for Boscos (the beer after a shift being the main reason.)
   "As for the beers; well, I have drank many a beer in my day and every time I go out of town and try new beers and brewpubs or discover a new beer in the local retail cooler or have one of our great regulars bring me a new beer I find myself looking forward to washing the foul taste out of my mouth with a Boscos London Porter, Irish Stout or Scottish Ale."
- Trevor

"I have to respond to the comment about the water. Memphis' water supply comes from two deep aquifers under the city. The water is soft (perfect for brewing)old (good beacaue it has no radioactive isotopes in it) and clean (a whole lot of chlorine doesn't need to be added to it). Memphis water is consistently ranked amoung the top sources of municipal water in the United States for consistency and purity. It's profile of minerals closely resembles the soft water from Pilsen, Czech, where the original pilsners were brewed.
   "Nashville municipal water comes from the Cumberland River. Yum! Because it is a surface source of water, warm and full of bacteria, Nashville must add so much chlorine to it that it is basically undrinkable from the tap. And lets not forget about those nitrates from the use of fertilizers upstream. Let's hear it for Fred that he can turn Nashville's wretched water into great beer!"
- Chuck Skypeck

"I see Eberhard Ramm posted. For those of you who don't know Eberhard, yes that is his real name, he played an important role in the early 1990's helping to pass legislation that legalized brewpubs in Tennessee in 1992. Raise a glass to Eberhard!
   "Later that year the first Boscos, Tennessee's Original (First!) Brewpub opened in the Memphis area in Germantown. How long did it take for someone to get it together to open a brewpub in Nashville? Memphis has had its act together for ten years! I would say 'Eat your heart out Ebby' but that's what Fred calls him. Kind of scary, actually. Eberhard, does Nancy know that Fred calls you that?
   "Addendum: In all fairness to Eberhard, I don't know many people that come up with better limericks. How about it, Ebby?"
- Chuck Skypeck

"Hey Nashville,
"You guys want to send us some beer cause we're running out and looks like you have plenty on hand."
- Matthew Murdock

"In desperation, Nashville is now claiming that their posts to this site are being unfairly censored. Stan, the site's moderator from the Real Beer Page, has admnitted to being human and has missed a few posts from Nashville that will appear soon. Meanwhile Stan has been actively censoring and deleting posts from Memphis. Thank you' Stan! We can all be glad that the post about Fred's chest hair will never be published."
- Chuck Skypeck

"Hey Neil, you are dreaming about Fred? That's a little scary. Well he is French so I guys he is all romantic for you with his French heritage, German accent, English-style beer and hairy chest. By the way, you just had a plain IPA, well last night we were drinking a special IPA with the same yeast as that used in Ballantine Ales and Tuesday we had cask conditioned and age for 5 months Irish Stout. Now that was dreamy!"
- Trevor

"I have know Neil Green for a number of years. He is a loyal Boscos customer and a fantastic individual. For those reasons, I have made all the staff at Boscos Squared promise not to hold Neil up to all the ridicule and humiliation that would normally be associated with publically acknowledging that you enjoy one of Fred's fruit beers. I always wondered who the one person was that was buying them."
- Chuck Skypeck

"I wanted to thank all Boscos' customers and staff for a energetic and exciting "Challenge Cup" I would like to think we are all winners by bringing a larger consumer awareness of American craft beer. Happy American Beer Month! See all of you next week in Nashville for the Music City Brewers Festival!"
- Chuck Skypeck

"Boscos is for beer lovers and they placed it in midtown Memphis for me." - Lambert Ross

Nashville comments

Posted in the order in which they were received. Some refer directly to Memphis comments.

"I wanted to be the first one to post.... Of course we are the best of Boscos (Nashville)and we will win the ABM Cup."
- Fred M. Scheer (Editor's note: Fred is the brewmaster at Boscos in Nashville)

"Nashville is a natural choice. The reason is beer superiority in taste color and overall body. I used to live in Memphis and would travel to Nashville just for the Boscos on 21st Ave. Good job guys!"
- Jared Hutto

"Great food, Great Beer and the best beer drinkers ever found - How can we not be the BEST Brewpub?!!!"
- Kimberly

"Nashville rules! Memphis drools!"
- Dave

"I am a big fan of Boscos beer no matter where I go. Living in Nashville, I, of course love Nashville Boscos. The beer is consistently excellent. That is not just my opinion but also the opinion of others with whom I happen to meet there. I am a regular drinker of the IPA and a sometime Hefeweizen, Wheat, Pilsner and Juniper drinker. Boscos makes a great IPA and the casks are particularly excellent. I have enjoyed many of the cask beers, including the blackberry porter and blackberry alt that sold out in about 30 min after its opening recently. Fred Scheer does a great job since coming to Nashville Boscos. I have only been to Memphis Squared twice. I enjoyed both visits. I have also been to Germantown Boscos twice. I enjoy Boscos beer whether it is Nashville or Memphis. It is easily the best beer I have found in Tennessee. I appreciate the pub that Chuck Skypeck established several years ago and thank him for giving Tennesseans such a wonderful place to drink beer."
- Neil Green

I have had the opportunity to have beer at both Memphis locations as well as the Nashville location. Nashville is by far the best of the three! The IPA on tap ROCKS! and the bottle conditioned is always a good choice. :) I recommend a visit to Hillsboro Village and BOSCOS NASHVILLE, any day!
- Laurie

"It pains me to read such disparging remarks from our brethren to the south west. We are all here, (or there) for one reason, and that is excellence in beer. I have no doubt that Chuck can still brew as good a beer as he did when he was in Nashville and I can attest that Fred still knows how to make great beer. I never met a Boscos beer I didn't like. But when it comes down to a contest, if it is based on 'Perhaps most important, which Boscos' regulars are better supporters of American Beer Month?' well, I am afraid it won't be much of a contest. I have never met such a proactive and enthusiastic bunch of brewers and beer drinkers as I have met at Boscos Nashville.
- Cyserman

"Fred's cask-conditioned IPA is the best beer in Tennessee."
- Randall Skinner

"Bosco's in Nashville has a German brewmaster. Sure, now that I live less than a mile from Anchor brewing I have some options not available in Nashville, but I'll be going back for a Wednesday night happy hour before the end of the month!"
- Jay Pfaffman

"I have been to all of the fine Boscos' establishments and enjoyed great food and beer at each. Chuck - You know we love you but Nashville is where it's at!"
- Jay Man

"I don't think the post about a German Brewmaster was ment to be negative. Everyone has the right to his/her opinion (otherwise I'm back in Germany). One reason I came to the USA was of the beer and brewing revolution I saw coming in the early '80s - and I wanted to be a part of the new Beer culture here. I don't know where Chuck heard several stories where I was born (???), but to set your stories right (for now and ever) I was born in the Saarland, at a year (many moons ago) which was then France. It (the Saarland) was sold back to Germany in 1959, and all of us became Germans. But, who do I tell that, you all had history in school and know that, or? So, I grew up speaking French, then German. I consider myself a naturalized American Citizen, born in France, grew up in Germay, trained as Brew- and Maltmaster at the DOEMENS Brewing school in Munich, Germany. And, no matter what, we (Nashville) will win.... Nuff said, Happy American Beer (Month).
- Fred M. Scheer

"Dearest Bill, I hope you are not drooling in the food as usual... remember what the doctor said, stay off the sauce."
- Jared Hutto, Head Chef Nashville

"Interesting comments from our beer-head buddies in the Delta! My goodness, won't they ever learn not to sling slurry? FYI: According to current and published TN Grand Division statistical data-the State's population average IQ, SES, and beer consumption level dramatically increases the farther East one resides. Hummmm, something to ponder on. Anyway, we (The Nashville Coalition) are collectively doing our very best to run all the taps dry.... "American Beer Month", heck..."American Beer Year" is more the attitude you'll find among Nashville's brethren. And, thanks to an article recently published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, beer has been linked to promoting strong bones! Yeseree friends and neighbors, that means more beer = less osteoporosis! That's great news for All! See ya at the brewery."
- Brew Goddess

"I live exactly between Memphis & Nashville and visit all three Boscos, but I prefer and you can find me on most weekends at Boscos in Nashville. Clearly, Fred is consistently setting the standard for exellence in brewing. In addition, Fred is an inspiration, mentor & enthusiastic supporter of the Music City Brewers, Nashville's Homebrew Club. For all these reasons and others, I am sure, all patrons & club members will close ranks behind Nashville's Boscos to support American Beer Month."
- Cheers forever, Michael Link

"Memphis could not post anything on Thursday because they starting giving away all the promo material meant for Nashville. Chuck, no matter how you play, it seems you guys are afraid of us. Go, Nashville, Go."
Name: Fred M. Scheer (naturalized American Citizen; with a German degree in Brewing and Malting)

"I have not made it to Bosco's Squared but know Chuck Skypeck. I know it has to be good with Chuck at the helm. I do know Bosco's in Nashville. Fred brews up some awsome beer. Fred is always willing to help the folks in the Music City Brewers and I for one appreciate it very much. Now as to the regulars... I just have to believe that the Nashville group comes out on top in their support of American Beer Month."
- Phillip Porch

"I have to concur with the Brew Goddess, it should be 'American Beer Year'. As the Ale Wife Queen, I hereby proclaim it to be American Beer Year in Nashville.... After all, it is about Truth, Justice and the American way.... Brew and Drink American Beer. Hail to the BrewMistresses!"
- Ale Wife Queen

"Sorry to crush the egos in Memphis but it's true, Nashville Boscos beers are superior and as consistant as the patrons. The aroma of the IPA sets my taste buds into a frenzy. By the way, who cares where someone was born? We're voting on the beer right? Cheers!"
- Karen

"Hands down & pints up Boscos in Nashville is the place. The 'regulars' are greeted upon entry and treated upon seating. Though different in style of management, Chuck & Fred brew the beers of style. Thank you gentlemen and staff."
- Commander Gat

"What else is there to say about Boscos Nasville...great beer...great food...great staff..great patrons. Hey Chuck...How's the foam?"
- Neil

"We just had 5 400-pound guys come into Nashville Bosco's and agree to drink 15 pints each get busy..."
- Alec

"Why is Bosco's squared so close to the zoo? So Louis will not have far to walk to work."
- Michael Talley

"As a founding member of the Music City Brewers, and among the first patrons at Boscos Nashville when it first opened its doors in 1996, it has been my distinct pleasure to drink many, if not all of the different varieties of beer that Chuck and Fred have brewed there since opening. I've also had the priviledge of sampling many of the beers at both the Germantown and Boscos Squared locations. Like many who have commented to this point, all of these Boscos beers share one common thread: They are by far the best beers brewed on the planet. As a BJCP Certified Beer Judge, I would be hard pressed to select one beer above another one, and might even find it difficult to identify the source of a given beer, they are all brewed so expertly and crafted with pride. HOWEVER, this contest is not about the beers so much as it is about the places, and I do have a strong opinion about that. To me, the place in Nashville feels like home, and that is as much due to how friendly and welcoming the staff are as it is by the fact that it has been the home base of the Music City Brewers from the very beginning of our coming together. Boscos Squared cannot make the same claim that their beers are so good that the local homebrew club chooses their establishment as the place to hold their meetings. In my book, that is a real testimony to just how great the place in Nashville is. Besides that, only the Nashville location can lay claim as being the true Valhala of beer by virtue of it being home to the one and only Hopgod! Finally, one last example of how dedicated the Boscos Nashville patrons are. A large group of us drove to Memphis to the Boscos Squared location last year to attend the Bluff City Brewers Homebrew Extravaganza #11. On the Friday night of their event, we attended the tapping of the cask that was featured that night. I believe it was the prize-winning recipe for the Homebrewer of the Year Award for the Memphis club. But, in true fashion of the Nashville crowd, when it came time to making the most noise between the folks from Nashville and the regulars from Boscos Squared, our group from Nashville won that contest hands down! Just ask Chuck and Trevor...I think they actually kind of missed how rowdy we could be on occasion! Trevor and Chuck, we sure do miss you guys, but we sure like Boscos in the Village! I'm heading down there in about an hour for our traditional Wednesday night around the cask, a tradition made possible by the regular support of the Music City Brewers from the very beginning of Chuck's cask conditioned beers. Hail to the Brewers!"
- Steve Johnson, Ph.D. aka "El Presidente"

"Don't you guys in Memphissssss have anybody other than managers., employees, and your brewmister that will post comments? Except for Keith & Danny I don't see much in the way of customer comments. Thank you to all of our loyal & supportive Nashville regulars. You are the Best!!!!!!!"
- Jed

"Chuck - Glad to see some of your customers are finally responding to the challenge, not only you and your evil staff. Unfortunately, most of them are long-winded and unintelligible. Come back and join the fun guys again! Beer is great in every Bosco's, but it just seems to taste better in Hillsboro Village! Nashville Rocks!"
- Jay Man

"The basic difference between Nashville and Memphis is the water; Nashville water makes great beer and grows healthy, intelligent kids whereas Memphis water is muddy like the Mississippi."
- Jeff Rousal

"No contest: Boscos Nashville rocks and Memphis rolls. Maybe in a few years when Memphis works out all the kinks, they'll be as good as Nashville, til then, eat your heart out, Chuckyyyyy!!!!!"
- Eberhard Ramm

"I should say what an honest brewmaster we have at Nashville Boscos. I tried to increase sales by ordering $1 beer samplers (ok, yes, I am dishonest). But Fred, our brewmaster, counts beer sales by the size not the number! Now what is this I hear about Boscos Squared counting spills?"
- Neil

"To Jody: We can post comments AND drink beer at the same time. I am enjoying a very refreshing Prohibition Pilsener and sending."
- Jed

"Bosco's NASHVILLE is the best!!! Fred has character and it shows in his beer. I am a homebrewer and Fred has given both my husband and myself many intersting tips about brewing. The clientele in Nashville is an eclectic mix of brewers, non-brewers and the uninitiated that love 'good beer.' This is what this competition is all about after all. I think Bosco's Nashville is a wonderful example of how a brewer can take what was a fantastic brewery and added a extra flavor of brewing with a worldwide expertise and innovative ideas. Bosco's Nashville is a wonerful experience. Come try us and you'll know what 'secret ingredient' Bosco's Squared is missing."
- Millie

"I was here last nite thinking about Fred's IPA. Oh how I love the color....the smell...the taste. Nobody makes an IPA like that German. Well, alone in my dreams..out comes Fred with a cask. I hoped...I wished...I dreamed....and YES!!!! A cask IPA!! Fred, the German brewer strikes again!! And boy was it good!! Anyway, I feel sad that you guys in Memphis didn't get that experience with me. Oh well, I'm sure you had something pretty good. Anyway, now I sit here with my blackberry alt, bottle conditioned....Dream On Memphis!"
- Neil

"Chuck, are you sure that you don't count Germantown's and the Square's Beer sales together? Also, we think that the web site has a selection process going on (all postings from Memphis OK; Nashville~~~~some). Two of my postings and one from Pierre were never posted."
- Fred

"What does the average person at boscos Memphis get on an i.q. test?.........drool!"
- Doc

"Hi Stan and the whole Team at REALBEER.COM:
I would like to thank all of you for a GREAT JOB during this last three days. We all have a Boscos Beer (only in Nashville) to all of your health. Cheers! Prost !(that's German, Gene...)"
- Fred M. Scheer and the whole Team Boscos Nashville

"I want to thank Chuck and all the staff at Boscos squared for not wanting to get (on) my of blackberry porter, that is!! You don't like or want it? More for us then!! Btw....I have nice dreams about being able to drink beer at Boscos Squared and Germantown too....Been there before and hope it won't be too long before I'm there again."
- Neil

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2002 Highlights

Great Lost Beer trophy

Robb Tod of Allagash Brewing accepts the 2002 Challenge Cup trophy on behalf of the Great Lost Beer in his home state of Maine. The trophy was presented at the Falling Rock Tap House in Denver, Colo., during the Great American Beer festival.

Most interactive
Boscos brewpubs in Memphis and Nashville. Read their intrastate comments.

Champion multi-tap bar
Great Lost Bear in Portland, Maine. Members of the Maine brewing community were in the pub every night.

Champion chain brewery-restaurant
Rock Bottom Restaurant-Brewery in Arlington, Va.

BJ's Challenges
Within BJ's family of restaurants and breweries, establishments competed with each other. BJ's in Chandler, Ariz., which won the big establishment cup and to Portland/Lloyd Center (on Weidler), the small establishment champion.

Smallest participant
Kaffeeklatsch Bar in Huntsville, Ala. Only one tap, but lots of fun.