The Original Hophead, Hugh Malone

July 23rd, 2008 | Posted by Jay Brooks

The blog Hot Knives has an interesting tale of Hugh Malone, an Irish hop farmer who loved his hops and may in fact been the first American to start the trend of over-hopping beers. He’s also the namesake of a great new beer from Allagash, Hugh Malone Ale, which is likewise quite appropriately hoppy.

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One Response to “The Original Hophead, Hugh Malone”

  1. Dobbs Says:

    And here all along I thought it was a play on the humulus lupulin, which is the botanical name for the hop. Port Brewing occoasionally makes a very hoppy ale called Lou P. Lin IPA and Allagash makes Hugh Malone, which is equally hoppy.

    So, I’m not buying the Hugh Malone tale. Even if the internets say it’s true 🙂